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Strike at Lebanon TRW site may end soon

Sara McManamy-Johnson • Dec 17, 2015 at 5:17 PM

A nearly two-week strike at Lebanon’s TRW facility may soon end.

Kevin Huddleston, a UAW spokesperson and former Lebanon City Council member said workers will vote Friday on a proposed agreement between the union and company management.

Huddleston said the two parties reached a tentative agreement early Thursday morning after meeting multiple times to hash out terms.

Nearly 400 workers have been on strike at the commercial steering systems production facility since Aug.25, when the parties failed to reach an agreement during prior negotiations.

Huddleston said workers want higher pay, as well as better health care and retirement benefits.

“People who are starting out now are making less than when I started 20 years ago,” Huddleston said. “A woman who starts now would be below the poverty level, working for a corporation that makes millions.”

The current strike is the first in recent memory at Lebanon TRW.

“I do not know the last time there was a strike at Lebanon,” said TRW spokesperson John Wilkerson. “I have been part of the TRW since 1999 and don’t recall any in that time.”

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