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UAW strikers brave Mother Nature

Sara McManamy-Johnson • Dec 17, 2015 at 5:18 PM

Through rain, thunder, lightning and sweltering heat, United Auto Workers Local 342 strikers have maintained their presence at the Lebanon TRW site.

“[The hardest part] is keeping these legs moving,” said Eddie Maynard, laughing.

Maynard was just one of at least 30 strikers lining the perimeter of the West Baddour Parkway site Tuesday despite periods of storms alternating with temperatures rising into the 90s.

“It was hot this week – it got real good and hot,” said Maynard.

He said that Tuesday alone, he and a couple other strikers went through nearly two-dozen bottles of water.

He also said rotating shifts has helped make it more tolerable.

“We rotate shifts every four hours,” said Maynard.

But strikers may not have to withstand the heat too much longer.

The union is due to vote Wednesday on a tentative agreement reached between company management and union representatives, according to Gary Bowman, UAW Local 342 president.

The parties reached the agreement early Thursday morning after several meetings, and although the full union voted it down Sunday, Bowman said that was probably because workers still had questions about it.

He said holding the vote again Wednesday would give company management time to answer those questions. 

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