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New Leash on Life resident needs operation

Staff Reports • Dec 15, 2015 at 2:42 PM

Amelia Airdog, a 3-year-old yellow Labrador mix, needs the community’s help if she is to live a long and happy life.

The mother of eight healthy puppies was a found in October as a stray, looking for a safe place to deliver her puppies.

“She came to New Leash on Life very, very thin and suffering from demodectic mange,” said Ann Shapiro, office manager at New Leash on Life. “Within a few days of arriving here, she gave birth to eight healthy puppies.”

All eight of the puppies grew and thrived and were adopted into homes, while the staff and volunteers at New Leash gave Amelia the much-needed care she deserved, said Shapiro.

“They treated her mange and fattened her up, because eight puppies can take a lot out of a nursing mom,” she said.

However, Amelia now faces another challenge as she prepares to go a new home.

According to Amy Haverstick, executive director of New Leash on Life, Amelia has a heart murmur that can only be fixed with surgery. Without the surgery, the veterinarian has told New Leash on Life staff she will suffer from congestive heart failure and probably live for only six months to a year.

“Amelia is an amazing and resilient dog,” Haverstick said. “Even though she showed up covered in mange and enormously pregnant, she was still just as happy and loving as she could be.

“We are so pleased that her heart murmur is the type that can be repaired and still afford her the happy, long life she deserves. But we need the public’s help to pay for this surgery.”

Donations are needed to New Leash on Life’s Angel Fund to help with the $3,500 in medical expenses related to Amelia’s heart surgery and recovery.

Shapiro asked when donating to reference “Amelia Airdog Fund” on checks, with credit card donations online or any cash donations brought to the shelter.

Donations may be on NLOL’s website by going to newleashonline.com/index.php/programs/the-angel-fund. Check donations may be mailed to New Leash on Life, P.O. Box 247, Lebanon, TN 37088. Cash donations are welcome as well, but Shapiro asked they be delivered in person and not mailed.

“Regardless of how you choose to donate, please remember to reference ‘Amelia Airdog Fund’ or Angel Fund on your check or online donation,” Shapiro said.

“Your donations will save this amazing girl’s life so she can be all that she was meant to be,” said Haverstick.

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