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Schools plan to get tech-savvy next year

Caitlin Rickard • Dec 15, 2015 at 2:07 PM

With the Wilson County Board of Education recently having to drop the PARCC devices plans in order to balance it’s budget, the technology strategy for the county schools next year has been unclear.

Director of Schools Tim Setterlund said since the money was taken out of their initial budget, next year they would be utilizing the $845,000 in state grant money to go toward technology advancement.

“Most of the work we’ll be doing next will be on infrastructure and making sure we have the right switches and bandwidth and the right Internet connectivity to accommodate the online testing,” Setterlund said.

Setterlund said the schools would start using the devices as soon as they have money to purchase them.

“Obviously it won’t be this year because we had to remove them from the budget,” Setterlund said. “Our hope is next year when we do the budget we can bring this issue back up and hopefully get it taken care of. So hopefully sometime during the 2014-15 school year.”

Setterlund said the devices the county would be looking to purchase would be the ones that are the cheapest but also the best quality they can get.

“The proposed device right now is a Chrome device. It’s like a small laptop that’s web-based,” Setterlund said.

Setterlund said the devices would be utilized throughout the school year.

Setterlund also said that right now they would be looking to obtain the minimum amount required, which is around 4,300 laptop devices.

“People will be sharing at first but it’s our goal to eventually be able to allow everyone to have one,” Setterlund said.

Setterlund said possibly the laptops would be put on laptop carts where teachers would be allowed to roll them to their classrooms to use for lessons.

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