Cumberland University doesn’t plan to raise tuition

Staff Reports • Dec 17, 2015 at 5:59 PM

Officials at Cumberland University announced tuition would not increase for the fall semester.

The Lebanon school has kept its tuition rate the same for three straight years.

"A college education is about value and affordability, and Cumberland understands that better than any other institution," said Harvill Eaton, Cumberland University president. "We want to give every student that wants to learn and succeed at Cumberland a chance to do so. Changes are being made that strengthen us as an institution of higher learning, and make us more affordable."

Cumberland's historic and beautiful campus and its more than 170 years of service is the backdrop for its continued commitment to a traditional campus-based experience. Over the past five years it has also broadened its service to adult learning through online and working adult programs.

Nearly a decade ago, Cumberland University anticipated major shifts in economic and employment trends throughout the region and began a realignment of its academic offerings to achieve its goal of educating its students for their lifetime. Part of that commitment meant a clear connection between each of its academic majors and the career opportunities that drive today's economy.

"The rising cost of higher education is becoming increasingly difficult for many students and their families." Eaton said, "And a lifetime of debt for our graduates is not the answer. The answer is cost control and strong academic programs for the 21st century. That is Cumberland's continuing commitment."

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