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Students get Black History Month lesson

By Savannah Shirley, Devils’ Advocate Managing Editor • Dec 15, 2015 at 2:37 PM

Kiesha Pickett presented an assembly at Lebanon High School on Feb. 14 for freshmen and sophomores to commemorate Black History Month.

Pickett is a curator at a museum. She explained why she was there. Pickett said she “was here to talk about Black History Month, but she was going to make it more local.” She soon had students participating in groups playing roles in her story as the slaves or Lebanon court officials.

As she told her stories, time slipped back to when there were African American slaves. Pickett talked about the hardships the slaves endured and how children nowadays probably could never understand what they went through. She also talked about conditions after slavery was abolished and how segregation slipped into its place. 

Students also got a lesson on African-American leaders and the impact they had on the people around them and America as a whole. 

Pickett also left students with a lot to think about, like what other obstacles could be overcome? Is there anything that needs to be done? How would we do that? 

These were questions left lingering for the high school students to think about and possibly act upon. 

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