Schools to offer basic financial training workshop

Staff Reports • Dec 17, 2015 at 6:18 PM

Lebanon schools Family Resource Center first held a workshop on basic financial training in January 2011, following cash splurges of the holiday season. 

“Most of us are a little short on money after the Christmas holidays,” said Beth Petty, coordinator of the Family Resource Center. “There are several things we could do better when dealing with our finances. We can all benefit from strengthening our credit score. Who couldnʼt use more cash in our savings account? We also forget to write down each time we swipe our debit card.”

When College Hills Church of Christ offered to bring in a financial expert at no cost to the school system, Petty said it was the opportunity they’d been waiting for, as the center wanted to tackle this topic for several years. 

Financial advisor Nathan Harris with Pinnacle Financial Partners in Lebanon will facilitate the workshop. 

“It is so great for parents to be able to ask specific questions without being in a bank setting. It feels much less formal. Sometimes we don’t even know what questions to ask when it comes to our finances,” Petty said.

Information will be provided on understanding how to use and save our money, the difference between a bank versus check cashing/title loans, and budget basics, such as monthly cash flow. 

In addition to the expert advice from Nathan Harris, Nancy Guethlien, retired Lebanon Special School District School counselor, will also give parents tips on how to help their teens be smart with money. Parents will receive the book entitled, “Whatʼs Up With Money.”

The basic financial training workshop will be April 14 at the Castle Heights Elementary School library from 6-8:30 p.m. Free childcare and refreshments are provided. Those interested in attending the workshop are asked to RSVP to Petty 615-453-2693 or pettyb@k12tn.net

Castle Heights Elementary School is at 1007 N. Castle Heights Ave. 

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