McMackin earns his GED

Staff Reports • Dec 17, 2015 at 6:20 PM

Wayne McMackin relocated to Lebanon in 2007. Looking for a fresh start from the western side of the state, he soon discovered that getting a job was difficult without a high school diploma or certificate. 

McMackin found his way to the Adult Learning Center at 107 N. Greenwood St.

Originally, McMackin started classes in July 2001, but like many of the ALC adult students, life and work got in the way of his education. He was able to find employment, but it meant an inability to attend classes. 

However, McMackin was determined to earn his high school equivalency diploma. After several false starts and with much determination, McMackin earned his high school equivalency diploma in December.

McMackin encouraged anyone who hasn’t earned a high school equivalency diploma to do so. 

“Make the effort to get back into class and stay,” he said. “Don’t let your age get in your way. I was 61 years old when I got my diploma, which proves anyone can do it and should.”

McMackin works as house supervisor for the Lazarus Project in Lebanon. He anticipated continuing his education, and he is a real cheerleader for anyone who hasn’t yet earned his or her diploma.

“The ALC is a great place; everyone is very helpful and patient,” he said. 

 “Wayne was an inspiration because of his perseverance and great attitude; he didn’t let his age deter him,” said instructor Pierce Dodson. “He was a role model to many.”  

Dodson and other ALC instructors look forward to celebrating McMackin and his fellow graduates’ success at a graduation ceremony May 30. 

In Lebanon, classes are offered Monday through Friday during the day and Tuesday through Thursday at night. Additional classes are offered in Watertown, Carthage, Trousdale, Old Hickory and Mt. Juliet.  Any adult in need of a high school equivalency diploma may call 615-443-8731 for more information. 

“The ALC is the place to go for your high school equivalency test preparation,” McMackin said.  

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