Wilson Central hosts 25 Points of Light

Bobby Reynolds • May 20, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Each year the National Honor Society of Wilson Central hosts the 25 Points of Light event. Teachers and students are given a two-week period in which they can submit nominations of students and/or faculty to be considered as a Point of Light.

The nomination sheet says these people are “outstanding community servants who have given back to Wilson Central High School. These people are selfless, supportive, and kind to others. They are team players - the quiet leaders who do not expect to receive recognition for all their hard work but instead stand in the back of the crowd and gaze down at the work they have helped establish.”

After the nomination period is over, the nominations are complied according to grade level. The student nominees are assigned numbers and comments about each student are placed on a ballot.

The 160-plus members of the National Honor Society vote for five students from each grade level and five faculty members. A permanent display case will showcase pictures of the winners for a year, and there is a section in the yearbook to honor them as well.

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