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30 suspended in ‘Senior Snuggle’ prank at Mt. Juliet High School

By Laurie Everett leverett@mtjulietnews.com • Updated May 24, 2014 at 7:01 PM

At least 30 Mt. Juliet High School students were suspended after they carried out what they thought was a “harmless” senior prank Thursday. 

The so-called “Senior Snuggle” prank took place Thursday morning when more than three dozen seniors donned pajamas and took to the floor in the school’s hallways with props such as stuffed animals, blankets and pillows. 

Secoreya Jones said seniors got together beforehand to figure out an “innocent prank” that wouldn’t hurt anyone, or the school.

“What we did was harmless,” she said. “We wanted to do something that wouldn’t hurt anyone.”

Last year, crickets were let loose in the school’s bathrooms as the prank, said students. Another year, chickens were let loose after hours in the school. This year, they donned pajamas and took a two-minute “nap” in the hallways.

Jones said the senior class this year is the “tops.”

“Our class is the best,” Jones said. “We are the top 10 percent; wearing P.J.s and laying in the hall for two minutes can’t cause harm.”

Mr. and Ms. Mt. Juliet were suspended, as well. Joe Perricone is the class president. He got the day suspension as well. 

“It was all in fun,” he said. “We just wanted the seniors who weren’t able to participate in field day a chance to have some fun.”

Wilson County interim Director of Schools Mary Ann Sparks sent out a release.

“The incident created a disturbance and disruption of the school, as well as creating a safety hazard for those trying to step over the students,” said Sparks. “Pedestrian traffic in the high school of 1,950 students was nearly halted.”

The suspension day fell on the school’s annual “field day.” 

However, the suspended students elected to have their own field day at Charlie Daniels Park. On Friday at about 11:30 a.m., dozens of “suspended” students showed up to have a day of fun, which included a shaving cream fight. 

“I think the suspension was outrageous and too far,” said Jalynn Burks, who went to Charlie Daniels Park for the “alternative” field day. 

She was joined by many others, some who weren’t suspended students, but seniors out early for the holiday. 

While the “pranksters” were suspended for one day, they still can take exams and will “walk the line” with their fellow seniors May 31. 

“The consequence for this violation will not prevent them from taking exams or participating in graduation,” said Sparks.

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