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Police seek answers on liquor store incident

Jared Felkins • Dec 15, 2015 at 11:37 AM

An armed robbery call to a Lebanon liquor store and review of surveillance video has Lebanon police scratching their heads and wanting answers.

Police Chief Scott Bowen said the call went out Saturday at about 8:30 p.m. that an armed robbery was in progress at Liquor World in the Walmart shopping center. The incident happened at the same time officers and other emergency personnel were securing a scene of a methamphetamine explosion at Traveller’s Inn motel about 1 mile away.

“From there, we reviewed the video and it appears a gun is drawn, someone is handcuffed and taken out. That's really all we know,” Bowen said.

The surveillance video shows a woman approaching a black man just as he entered the store. A few seconds later, two white men – one wearing a black “Agent” vest and another waving what appears to be a pistol – enter the store, approach the black man, put handcuffs on him and exit the store with the woman behind them. The entire incident happens in about 40 seconds.

Bowen said he and other investigators believe the incident involved two bondsmen making an arrest, but nothing is certain.

“We are hoping to identify the bondsmen and find out what happened,” Bowen said. “He has the right to make an arrest, but he doesn't have the right to point it at everyone and put people in danger. Whether it was a handgun or a Taser, he points it around at everyone in the store.”

Bowen would not say whether anyone in the video faces charges. At this time, he said investigators just want to identify the person.

“We just want to know who they are and find out what they were doing,” he said. “That's the key.”

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