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Letter to the Editor: Congresswoman should think before she speaks

Letter to the Editor • Dec 17, 2015 at 6:19 PM

To the Editor:

People who spread untruths to the public should be aware that it might possibly be the reason behind all the killings we see almost daily. 

When unstable people read the horrible lies being spread by some candidates, they become stirred-up and put their emotions into action. 

We should, all of us, think before we speak.

Which brings me to a disturbing column by Congresswoman Diane Black in last weekend’s edition of The Lebanon Democrat. She calls our U.S. president “imperial, with over-reaching, even illegal, practices.” 

Being a congresswoman, she should know the president issuing executive orders is not illegal but is, in fact, a well-established law. She should know that, as of Jan. 20, which is the president’s sixth year in office, he has written only 168 executive orders while, at this same time, during George W. Bush’s presidency, he had already written 224 and after that, he issued 56 more making a grand total of 291. Does she think that Bush had that power but Obama does not? 

To spread lies to adults is bad enough, but it is absolutely reprehensible to implant lies into the minds of the little children to whom she says she presented this misinformation. 

I’m sure her motive was to justify the bill she is pushing, which is another wasteful, useless, unnecessary bill as are all the others she has come up with. She needs to stop lying and go home.

Sue Endsley

Pleasant Shade

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