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Letter to the Editor: Christians called to spread the good news

Letter to the Editor • May 10, 2014 at 7:00 PM

To the Editor:

Last week we observed the National Day of Prayer. The main focus was to come together in unity as a nation to pray for our country, as well as our individual state and local government and its leaders. A body of believers can make a difference through prayer. I was told there were 42,000 such meetings taking place nationwide on that day.

I attended the community observance service at the First Baptist Church in Lebanon. I was moved to tears as so many who were in attendance were from different faiths and church denominations. The prayers prayed by each minister or church leader were very powerful, offering up hope and encouraging each of us to unite as Christians, praying for our city, our county and state, as well as our great country and its leaders. Together we make a powerful difference.

In Christian faith, “the church” is the body of believers who trust in Christ as savior. But also in our town and in our county, we have individual buildings that we go to that we call “our church,” and it’s the place we worship. All faiths have their own place of worship. However, what Christians do have in common as believers is that we worship the same savior who is Jesus Christ. He alone is the one main thing we have in common, no matter what the church sign says out in front of our individual places of worship.

 I love the fact that our skin color, nationality nor our doctrinal or denomination differences matter as we focus on “Whom” we know and believe, more than what we believe.

A comment was made at the end of the meeting, which went something like this, “The church, meaning the whole body of Christ and His followers, are being persecuted all over the world and here at home.” But the speaker went on to say, “Let’s be careful that we, the individual churches and Christians, are not the ones doing the persecuting of each other.” I thought that was a powerful statement.

When we, as Christians, live and teach the world by example what the love of Christ in our hearts looks like and does, it will remove the need to judge others, claim we are the only ones right, or criticize our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. It will teach us that the main focus for each Christian is to love God with all our being and love our neighbor as ourselves. Those words were spoken by the One who really matters and knows, that is Christ Jesus himself. Our purpose is to spread the good news of the gospel and offer hope and salvation to a world that is lost. It can be motivated only by love.

Elaine Mount


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