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Letter to the editor: Three candidates who deserve votes for work to preserve property rights

Letter to the Editor • Dec 17, 2015 at 6:56 PM

To the Editor:

As you know, Aug. 7 is Election Day, and it is important to elect the people who have demonstrated that they are most worthy to serve. We have some fine candidates running, and it can be confusing who has made the greatest impact on our lives and those of the citizens of this state.

As co-founder of Tennesseans Against Forced Annexation, I wanted to call attention to three candidates who are running for re-election. They are state Sen. Mae Beavers, Rep. Mark Pody and Wilson County Commissioner Clint Thomas. They were all heavily involved in the historic property rights legislation that was passed this year that returned the right to vote on property annexation issues to the citizens they had been denied for decades.

Although Beavers was only a co-sponsor on the final bill, she was the one who carried the first bill, along with Pody in the House.

She was the one who encouraged a fellow Wilson County resident, William Haupt, and I to start the citizen’s moment for reform, TAFA, that was the driving force behind this historic legislation. Additionally, Beavers, Pody and Thomas all lobbied heavily for two sessions to get this important legislation passed.

So many times when a final bill is passed and signed into law, those who made the key contributions to get this accomplished go unnoticed and never acknowledged for their efforts. This was extremely important legislation and these three legislators were instrumental in bringing this to fruition.

Founder John Adams once said, “Property is surely a right of mankind as real as liberty.” These three legislators recognized this and deserve to be re-elected.

Sherrie Orange

TAFA co-founder


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