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Laurie Everett • Dec 15, 2015 at 11:34 AM

I hope people go the safe route and get spray tans, or are using self tanners.  Because I'm mostly Scotch and Irish, I've never been able to get a rich, deep tan. I mostly sunburn, and then turn a weak-tea color, smattered with a bunch of freckles. Because I'm blotchy-fair naturally, I get friendly advice. "Ummm....you wear a lot of dresses. Maybe you need a little color on your legs. Or maybe wear panty hose." I refuse to suffocate myself anymore with hose, but I am sick of looking like a cold vampire in the summer, so I try to get my tan from a bottle. I've tried everything from self tanning lotions to self tanning sprays and even those useless towel things. I've discovered Clarins. This company actually invented self tanners, so they have to know a little bit about it. Clarins Twilight Collection's Secrete Vampire is the epitome of self tanners. It smells good and goes on smoothly and while it takes a bit of time to darken my freckly skin, in a few hours I look naturally bronzy, and not pumpkin-y. And no, it's not a budget buy like Jergans under 10 bucks, but worth the $35.

I can't write a column about skin without mentioning BB creams. It took me a few minutes to realize BB stands for "beauty balm." Kassidy Shephed works at the Clinique counter at Belks at Providence. She told me that BB creams were invented in Asia by a plastic surgeon. I think about these creams as traveling light. They make your skin look bright and dewy. They can be worn alone, or as Kassidy said, worn as a perfect primer for our regular makeup. The best I've found is Clinique's. But I was blown away about an emerging hot product that may be even more popular than BB creams. They are CC creams. CC means "color correcting" and they are perfect for my face. They even out the skin tone and have a sheer to moderate coverage. Moisture Surge CC cream hydrating colour corrector helps us look like we are the picture of health. It comes in six shades and is allergy tested. Kassidy gave me a sample to try and I just love it. Clinique is having their Bonus time from Aug. 6-25 and for sure I'm going to buy the CC cream and get the bonus gift.

When I asked these beauty experts to tell me top tips for healthy skin they mentioned drinking plenty of water and exfoliating. We all know we are supposed to drink a zillion ounces of water a day for great skin. At the most, on a good day, I might drink two bottles.

I've never been big on exfoliating. A little research revealed the best exfoliator for the face is Sephora's smart dual action exfoliator.  I found out our skin cells renew every 28 to 45 days and this slows down as we get older. We are supposed to help this process along by exfoliating. Facial scrubs have ground up seeds and shells, but the best formulas have jojoba beets or corn cob meal or finely ground pumice. I think we should all splurge on a good exfoliator for our face and see what happens.

We absolutely have to wear sun screen.  Most of our makeup has SPF in it, so I'll just talk about sunscreens for the body. It's ridiculous how many are out there. We had the pleasure of "pool" sitting for a friend of my daughter's and in their pool house there was a huge basket filled with about 25 bottles of sunscreens. I noticed there were several bottles

of Aubrey Organics Natural Sun SPF 25. And, they were the ones almost empty so I figured they must be good. I instantly was hooked and have not used any other sunscreen since. This sunscreen smells lovely, is not cloying and doesn't need to be applied as often as others. Facials are another great way to help our skin. There are a ton of salons in Mt. Juliet that provide this indulgent service. Like they say, we are worth it.

Bottom line, we live in our skin. We need to pamper it.

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