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For the love of Fido

Laurie Everett • Updated Aug 26, 2013 at 10:08 AM

My first dog was a Shetland sheepdog. His name was Brandy and since then there have been dozens of dogs in my life. Today I have one little house dog named Ella that was supposed to be a Shih tzu, but I think we may have been sold a bag of goods on her descent.  Ella is the most lovable, patient dog a person can have. I also have four outside dogs. I know that sounds like a lot, but there’s a lot of land out there and they help keep the critters from stalking the chickens. 

The great thing about dogs is there seems to be one for everyone’s lifestyle. Of course I recommend shelter dogs that have in their Heinz 57 mishmash the majority of certain breeds that suit certain groups of people.

For the urban yuppie with a kicking career and no kids, but still wants a sloppy canine kiss when they finally get home, the Shih tzu is a perfect dog. Shih tzus were born to cuddle and are companions. It has a Chinese heritage and is very affectionate. It does have all that long hair that needs to be combed, but why not curl up, watch Breaking Bad and comb your dog’s hair at the same time. Boston terriers and English toy spaniels are also great little dogs that are okay left alone when you are at work. 

For all the suburbees out there with a house and yard and a couple kids, the Golden retriever is perfect. Daisy is the neighborhood golden where I live. She arrived on the scene when my girls were just out of toddler-hood. She’d loop across the street from the subdivision and entertain us with her antics that sometimes were a bit annoying. She loved to steal flip flops and chewed up my daughters’ bike pedals. But just like with our kids, she grew out of the pesky stage and today is still a loyal companion when we take walks across the street. She wouldn’t harm a fly and the only thing we need to be careful of is her tail wagging that stings at times. Basset hounds and miniature schnauzers are also great family dogs. 

For those of us who like an outdoorsy lifestyle, there’s no better hiking companion than a Border collie. I can attest to this wholeheartedly. One of my favorite dogs, Dallas, was a border collie. My sister drove all the way from Boston to pick out Dallas’ brother, Tucker. Tucker grew up running the beach at my sisters and Dallas ran the fields. Both were highly intelligent and Tucker was an expert at beach Frisbee.

If you are an empty nester, your canine companion should be one that doesn’t require a lot of exercise and suffices with short walks. Or if you work from home it’s nice to have a furry friend sleep under your desk. I always thought Chihuahuas were, well, sorta ugly. But a friend of mine has one and that dog is the bomb with a crazy, lovable personality. He’ll stare a Doberman down and is cuddly as well.

Some of us like the idea of a watch dog that protects us. If we live alone,j it’s nice to have the presence of dogs such as the Boxer and Mastiff. While these dogs look ferocious and will stand up to strangers, they are gentle and loving to those they know. 

Speaking of big strong dogs, a local entrepreneur invented a dog toy to keep his two Boxers busy while he was away. The Tuggo dog toy can be found on his website  and the video shows how intrigued dogs are with this clever, tension toy. Check it out. 

There’s a ton of gizmos and gadgets for our Fidos from glow-in-the-dark collars to timed feeding dispensers. The one gadget I like is actually an app you can download that is like having a veterinarian living in the next room. People say they don’t know how they lived without the Pet First Aid app. It’s the first app every new (or old) pet owner should download.

If you are like me, your dog is your best friend, and guess what, doesn’t judge, pout or argue back. Perfect! 

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