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Summer dress ready for fall

Laurie Everett • Updated Aug 28, 2013 at 2:33 PM

It’s sweltering outside now, but in a heartbeat we are going to be freezing at night. In the next month we are going to face the bold question…how do I transition from my fav summer frock to that exciting time, before I go broke with heavy sweaters, knee high boots and a leather jacket. Does that internal monologue sound a bit too familiar?  It’s a tricky transition for sure. We are trying to enjoy the last licks of summer activities and our summer wardrobe isn’t done yet. Don’t pack away your summer pieces yet. There are a few styling tricks to help you take your fav summer basics into fall.

This week we will transition our favorite fair-weather frock into a fall style with a few cozy additions.

I’ve chosen a summer piece I found at Kohl’s for next to nothing, but it’s fabulous. I wore it at our Women Like Us get-together at the Art Mill. It has a lace top and yellow swishy skirt with motifs of birds. I fell in love with it on sight and don’t want to shelve it just yet! It came with a silver, tiny belt. To transition, I got rid of the little belt and replaced it with a bronzy, brownish slightly thick belt. 

This tones down the summer look, and yells fall. 

Kick off the summer wedges.  I know, I tried, literally, that’s hard to do. But figure it out and shelve them until next spring. Slip into this fall’s (yes, fall boots are abundant even now!) latest short boot. I found mine at T.J. Maxx.  Next, cover up that beautiful skin and slip on a neutral cardigan. It tones down the summer look. 

A great addition to the look is a companion scarf. These scarves are all the rage now and you can find them in neutral, pastel, animal print and bright from any local store. Be brave ladies. I know, I feel intimidated about the exact way to “shape” a scarf, but once I get it right, I’m instantly sophisticated!

I’ve discovered a wonderful place in Mt. Juliet that has uber hand-made jewelry that can fill in the gap before winter. It’s Tortuga Designs on Lebanon Road. Lisa Stewart is the owner and her daughter helps design their vast array of jewelry. I found the perfect set that goes with our setting summer wardrobe into fall flush. 

Finally, to transition, just put away your summer bag and replace it with a leather bag that compliments the belt you bought. There are great bags at Belk and TJ Maxx. 

There are tons of ways you can use variations of these suggestions to navigate your way through this fashion transition. But, with these few things you can still wear your favorite summer dress into fall before you go broke for all-out winter wear. 

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