For the love of setting goals

Kimberly Jordan • Updated Aug 30, 2013 at 11:07 AM

Everyone has goals. Right? And a little encouragement can help us to meet them. Well, now there's an app for that.

Mt. Juliet business owners Scott Schwertly, Jeff Loper and Chris Roberson spent the last year developing and perfecting Tortoise, an app designed to aid people in creating a "life plan," which allows them to create goals and offers steps to help achieve those goals.

"The app takes them through what we call the three cornerstones – assess, plan and track," said Schwertly.

Using what are called "buckets," the app user answers a series of questions in areas including career, financial, relationship and spiritual, to name a few.

"The app takes you through a series of questions in each area to help you determine how you are doing in that area," Schwertly said.

Once the questions have been answered, it is on to the second phase.

"Planning is the core of the app," Schwertly said. "This is where you set goals for yourself. You do that in every bucket. Then the tracking kicks in. You check off whether you are completing tasks in your bucket and this helps you tell if you are accomplishing your goal."

Loper likes to think of the app as "vision casting."

"You look and say 'here's what my life looks like now,’ and ‘this is where I want to be,'" he said.

Schwertly said the inspiration behind the app came from his love of goal setting.

"I've always been into goal setting and life planning," he said. "I found a cool goal setting packet, but I had to carry around a big binder. I looked for apps, but nothing really existed."

Loper added there are "lots of individual apps that do the things in [Tortoise], but we get comments from people saying that they like that ours has it all in one place."

The app gives scores in each bucket based on the number of tasks you have completed from your list, and there is a large "shell" that shows how the user is doing in each category.

"They are color coded," said Loper. "If a category is red, that means you need improvement. The goal is for all of the fields to be green."

"The idea of a life plan is probably foreign to 95 percent of people," Schwertly said. "If you create a business, you create a business plan; if you are into finances, you create a financial plan. A life plan allows you to look at your life and Tortoise puts it in a digital format."

He calls it "a life plan on steroids."

The app is currently available for the iPad only, and can be purchased through iTunes for $4.99. The co-founders said there is discussion of doing a streamlined version for the iPhone in the future, and possibly down the road doing a version for Android. There are videos and other information on the app available on the website, tortoiseapp.com.

"We hope people discover it and use it," said Loper.

"Tortoise is based on the whole tortoise and the hare story 'slow and steady wins the race.' Take these deliberate steps everyday and you will ultimately achieve results," Schwertly said.

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