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Rides for Women Like Us

Laurie Everett • Dec 17, 2015 at 5:20 PM

I worked after school, every Friday night and weekends for a LONG time in order to save up the $600 I paid for her. She had some bumps and bruises i.e. fenders badly bonded and a hole in the passenger’s front floorboard that was craftily covered with a sheet of tin I made-believed nobody noticed. But, I loved that car with my heart and soul. It was a classic and I knew it even at that young age. I waxed it so much the neighbors teased me I would wax “the paint clear off.” I will forever hold my head in shame (and kick myself repeatedly) to admit about five years later I sold that beauty to a fast-talking buyer who offered $900. What was I thinking? I’d give anything to have that little Mustang back today.

Another car that stands out is what I call my pre-mid-life crises car. It was love at first sight, even though the Sebring convertible was a bit flashy with its bright green paint and gold wheels (don’t laugh).  I’m so not the flashy type and maybe that was why I fell for it. The car was terribly impractical.  I’m a nature girl and anything I can do to feel the breeze on my face I will.  I guess sooner or later those I interviewed stopped wondering why I was always having a bad hair day.

I’ll admit a classic Mustang in my teens and a convertible in my 40s probably weren’t the smartest choices. However, those at Two Rivers Ford in Mt. Juliet can steer everyone else in more practical decisions when it comes to the best car at different stages in our lives.

I first asked what was the best car for a teenager. I was thinking about my 19 year old, who, ironically, drives a 1993 Mustang. Thank goodness it's so down trodden no matter how hard she pushes the gas, it won’t go over 50 mph. Doug said the Ford Focus is the perfect car for this age group. It's about as budget-friendly as a new car can be.  It’s a nice looking car that gets 30 miles to the gallon. It’s front wheel drive and the back seats can fold down for kids to stash their stuff. And for fairly new drivers, the Focus’ 5 star safety rating can ease some minds.

For women who must have an SUV (and who doesn’t love a combo car/truck?), Ford’s Escape is their best selling. Doug said women love the sporty look, smaller size and great fuel economy because it’s a four cylinder.

Single professional women and moms alike fall in love with the Ford Fusion. It’s their hottest selling car at this time, said Doug. The Fusion got a complete makeover this year. For  those who mainly care about hands free, this car is loaded with syncing capabilities. It has a combined 28-mpg.

For those empty-nest women and older, they’ve discovered the golf course isn’t just for bankers. Who wouldn’t want a car that has the biggest trunk in the market? Eight sets of golf clubs can fit in the trunk of a Taurus. It has a 5 star safety rating and has command seating. It’s all-wheel drive and has hands free entry. It has more bells and whistles than a Mercedes.

Finally, this is the 50th anniversary of the Mustang. This car is an icon, and if you like the look (who doesn’t) the car’s appearance will change a lot in 2015. Ladies, we make a statement when we own a Mustang. It’s a car for every stage in our lives and when I finally retire, I’m going full circle and enjoy driving a Mustang again. Who can forget the Warrior In Pink Mustang sold last year in black and white with pink pin stripes and a pink pony emblem. Talk about making a statement. What’s great about the Mustang (besides everything) is that it can be personalized. In the lot at Two Rivers there was a bright blue Mustang with a red-white-and-blue Pony emblem. 

Doug said women make 99 percent of the decisions when buying a car. But ladies, we already knew that didn't we!

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