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United Way and partners in a nutshell

John McMillan • Dec 17, 2015 at 6:01 PM

We’re often asked what exactly we do at United Way of Wilson County. The simple answer is we help people. That’s it, no sense over complicating the issue. We work with other partners to help as many people as possible in Wilson County in our many communities. 

We help people from all walks of life. We help families, babies, kids, teenagers, moms dads, older adults, people with health problems people with developmental disabilities, people coping with depression, abuse and mental illness, people who want to make their lives better, people who want to help other people, people who need hope.

How can we help so many people with so many needs? We partner with more than 30 local agencies to help more than one in three people in this region. Instead of focusing on one single cause or issue, we focus on hundreds of them, helping the community as a whole. This way, one donation goes not only to the need that everyone is aware of, but also to the ones that are less obvious but no less important.

Help is available, whether it’s to help to teach a deaf child to talk, provide food to a hungry family, or keep an elderly person in their home longer.  The services vary widely, but they’re each extremely important to the people who need them. This level of helping is possible because thousands of people from across our county and even out of state and out of country generously make donations because they know their money helps our whole community. The real beauty is that the money that is raised here…stays here, in our community.

Just as all kinds of people support United Way, all kinds of people make the decisions for where that money gets used by United Way agencies. Forty local people volunteer their time to review these local agencies in the areas of quality programing, finance and administration.

Because of the volunteer spirit of so many local supporters, UWWC is able to be very efficient, keeping costs low so that more people can be helped.  That’s just part of what we do.

United Way also addresses community issues. Our help and volunteer center, which you can access by simply calling 211, allows people to ask for help or volunteer for specific disaster response, once a week, once a month, through their company, holiday volunteering. We also support our own programs such as Raise Your Hand Tennessee, Text4Babies and Wonder Trails to name a few.

That’s UWWC in a nutshell. We help people. We invite you to be a part of it. Volunteer for our allocations committee, start a campaign within your company or make a donation yourself. Ask about other volunteer opportunities. It’s giving back to the community and that’s a win-win for Wilson County.

Visit givetouwwc.org for more information about what partner agencies we support and work with for Wilson County residents or schedule a speaker to come speak to your group about United Way and our work within the county.

John McMillin is president of United Way of Wilson County. Email him at jmunitedway@bellsouth.net

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