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Fireworks set for Sept. 11

Caitlin Rickard • Updated Aug 14, 2013 at 9:15 PM

At the last Lebanon City Council meeting, Councilor Kathy Warmath brought up the issue of a Sept. 11 fireworks show in Lebanon.

After the Fourth of July firework show was canceled due to rain, city officials rescheduled the event for Sept. 11 at the Ward Ag Center.

“I personally do not want to shoot fireworks on Sept. 11,” Warmath said. “I think it’s a day we should put ribbons on our doors.”

Warmath suggested the council look into putting money made from fireworks this year into a purse and put that amount toward the Fourth of July celebration for next year.

Responses to a question on The Lebanon Democrat’s Facebook page on the topic, numerous citizens expressed their feelings against a Sept. 11 celebration.

Councilor Rob Cesternino said he felt Patriot’s Day celebrated those who died and how “we as a nation were galvanized as one by this event.”

Mayor Philip Craighead said city officials looked at several different dates, and Sept. 11 is the only date the fairgrounds were available.

Craighead said he was in favor of the fireworks, and the show would be in remembrance of the 2001 terrorists attacks on the U.S.

“We’re not going to be shooting fireworks just to shoot fireworks. This is going to be a celebration, and it will be a way to pay homage to those who died or sacrificed their life on Sept. 11,” Craighead said.

Craighead said the council would not vote on the issue as of now, and the city was moving forward with the event and would continue making plans.

“Everything is going to be done in very respectful way,” Craighead said.

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