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Local house featured on Bio’s ‘My Ghost Story’

Caitlin Rickard • Dec 17, 2015 at 5:18 PM

Hauntings hit close to home as house in Lebanon was featured on the most recent episode of “My Ghost Story” on the Bio Channel.

The Buchanan, I. W. P., House located at 428 West Main Street was the subject of investigation by Halo Paranormal, which is a husband and wife non-profit research team that investigates a wide range of paranormal activities.

Bret and Gina Oldham work with other researchers to “obtain and understand the truth of the paranormal world,” according to their Facebook page. They are based out of Murfreesboro.

Kevin Woods and Gina Chesire appeared on the show where they discussed their experiences and said they moved into the house six months after driving past it on their way to dinner in Lebanon.

“I said ‘my God it looks like the Adam’s Family’s house,” Chesire said.

The house is called the I.W.P. Buchanan House because Isaac William Pleasant Buchanan, who was the cofounder of Castle Heights Military Academy and a civil engineering professor at Cumberland College, built it. It is on the National Register of Historical Places.

Chesire said as soon as they moved in within a week she started to have paranormal experiences.

“First, I was awoken in middle of the night by the sound of a child crying in my closet,” Chesire said.

“We’ve been told a little girl was living there that passed and we think it might be her,” Woods said. “When Buchanan founded Castle Heights, it was co-educational prep school and the little girl might have been a boarder since girls were not allowed to stay on campus.”

Woods said at a later time he had cousins visit who were taking pictures of the house when they stumbled across evidence on film.

“One taken outside you can see all of these orbs. There’s not just one or two and they’re big and small and some look like they’re moving across the screen,” Chesire said.

Woods said there were no streetlights or anything that could have caused any glare.

“They’re spirit circles,” Woods said. “Activity increases when we have visitors.”

Chesire then said two years ago she was approached by the Oldham’s.

“I gave them a tour and I have a particularly dark and dingy basement,” Chesire said.

Chesire said Gina snapped pictures in the basement and caught something on film.

“When I looked at those pictures I was absolutely flabbergasted with what I saw.

You can see several entities on camera,” Chesire said.

Woods also said if you look closely the orbs actually have facial features.

“I was shocked when I saw the two faces in that shot. I was feeling like I may be in danger and I didn’t really know what to do,” Chesire said. “Knowing these things are in my house scares me to death.”

Later that night Chesire said she took the Oldham’s upstairs to third floor where Bret used a recorder.

“Suddenly you can hear a voice saying ‘Get out! Get out!’” Chesire said.

Chesure said this event scared her because she didn’t want anything dark living with her in the house.

“It really did unnerve me,” Chesire said.

Chesire said she thinks the house has always been haunted and always will be.

“The locals call it ‘The Enchanted Castle’ because of the spiritual activity in the house,” Chesire said. “Preivous owners have experienced it and people visiting the house have experienced it.”

Woods said he thinks your body is a physical vehicle for your spirit to move around in this plane and when you die it doesn’t mean your spirit dies; it means your body dies.

“I plan on living in this house as long as I’m physically alive in this plane,” Woods said. “Hopefully I’ll get to live here afterwards.”

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