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Local man invents glowing toilet seat

By Caitlin Rickard crickard@lebanondemocrat.com • Jan 4, 2014 at 6:00 PM

Dave Reynolds, who recently relocated to Lebanon from the East Coast, has made a trip to the bathroom at night a lot easier.

Reynolds said he and his family moved to the area in the fall 2012 and the idea of inventing a glow in the dark toilet seat came to him in the night—literally.

“I went to the bathroom one night and literally fell off the toilet in the dark,” Reynolds said. “The next morning I was all banged and bruised and I told my family what happened and, of course, they all laughed at me.”

Reynolds said he called a friend from college the next day and together that day the two came up with the idea for a glowing toilet seat.

Now, Reynolds and partner Tim Fittler together run Night Glow Seats.

“These are not novelty items and it wasn’t meant to be a novelty item, this is a high-end seat,” Reynolds said. “Look at the serious side, this could prevent an elderly person from falling in the dark and hurting themselves or help a young child navigate to the bathroom in the night without being afraid.”

Reynolds said the toilet seat won’t light up the whole room, but it will “create a center point that anyone can see and get to safely.”

“It eliminates the problem of not knowing where you are or where you’re going,” Reynolds said. “This could help anyone from a grandparent to children.”

The seats are made and manufactured with the best materials and the lid and the actual seat glow, Reynolds said. Also, the glow in the seat is high end, Reynolds said, and will glow for about 20 years. The seat is tested and made to glow for at least eight hours at night and picks up light that makes it glow throughout the day.

“The best thing about it is because it’s made with high-end materials, it can glow for 20 years and there’s nothing in it that fades away,” Reynolds said.

For those worried about installing a glowing seat, it’s important to know that the seat is white during the day and “looks normal,” Reynolds said. Only at night do the seats actually turn colors and glow green or blue.

According to Reynolds, the company has also shipped the seats all over the world, including Germany, Japan and, most recently, Malta.

“It doesn’t matter what language you speak or where you are, we all walk and go to the bathroom the same way,” Reynolds said. “I’ve seen what people spend dumb money on, but this will stay with you and you will use it everyday. You won’t use it for two days and be done, you’ll use it as long as you want it or need it.”

Reynolds said he was shipping the seats out of his home in Lebanon and that both the green and the blue colors sold pretty evenly.

Elongated or round bowl types are both available and are sold for $49.99. To order or for more information visit nightglowseats.com.

“At the end of the day, you can look at it and know that it really does do something for you,” Reynolds said. “It’s a concept that can help someone. If we can help one person prevent an accident in the bathroom then it’s done its job.”

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