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Local author takes thriller to next level

Staff Reports • Dec 17, 2015 at 6:23 PM

With his first novel, “The True Manchurian: Infinity,” and best-selling novel, “Spin Cycle,” Lebanon writer Alphonso Ashworth left readers wondering if protagonist Jericho Miles was a good guy or a bad guy.

The plot thickens, unwinds and thickens again in “The True Manchurian: Prodigal Son,” which debuted Oct. 19-20 at Oktoberfest on the grounds of Wilson Bank and Trust’s main office, where Ashworth presented the second novel of his political-thriller trilogy.

With unlimited resources, the keen-witted Miles, a double agent, seeks revenge as he begins the journey to find out what happened to his wife.

“The first book of the trilogy ended with the assassination of a sitting president. It was carried out by the First League, and on the same day, Rachel, Jericho’s wife, is also assassinated,” said Ashworth. “This leaves Jericho in a tailspin and puzzled about how he unknowingly could have left his wife vulnerable.

“In ‘Prodigal Son,’ Jericho’s grandfather is introduced as the plot continues to lead readers to the true Manchurian and to the power behind the organization, including the secret Organization of Eight,” said Ashworth, who will unveil the third and final part of the trilogy, “The True Manchurian: Awakening,” this summer.

Ashworth said he can write just about anywhere, and in the past year he has written beside the Walterhill Dam in Rutherford County while sitting in his car or at a park bench.

“All I need is a big yellow pad and a pen, and I write away,” he said. “I’ll handwrite about 25 pages, and then I’ll type it in my computer and go back and try to clean up some typos, and then I’ll start writing again.

“I love my own imagination, and I love to put my ideas down and write about ’em. If I had the time, I believe I would do nothing but write,” said Ashworth, who operates Custom Color, a photofinishing business in Lebanon, and currently has worked on a murder mystery centered on a national disaster and pure chance.

His next book signing will be Thursday from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Lebanon-Wilson County Public Library.

For more details, visit alphonsoashworth.com.

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