Mt. Juliet merchants pass compliance checks

Staff Reports • Dec 17, 2015 at 6:39 PM

Undercover Mt. Juliet police detectives sent an underage informant to area businesses that sell beer for off-premise consumption recently to see if they could purchase beer. 

Detectives said they were pleased with the results because the underage informant was properly checked for proper age each time while trying to make the purchase. No merchant was willing to sell beer to the informant, who was under 21.

The undercover sting sent a 19 year old to all 39 stores in the city to buy beer. Each of the stores denied the sale to the underage informant.

“It is imperative that our merchants do not sell beer to underage persons,” said police Chief James Hambrick. “I’m satisfied to know that every clerk properly ensured that our informant was of proper age prior to the sale.”

Compliance checks are used to ensure businesses are adhering to city ordinance and state law governing the sale of alcoholic beverages and to prevent sales to underage individuals. 

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