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As elections approach, candidates prepare

By Caitlin Rickard crickard@lebanondemocrat.com • Dec 17, 2015 at 5:55 PM

In just over a month since petitions have been available for elections, several people have already picked up petitions for the Aug. 7 election in Wilson County.

Picking up a petition to run is the first step for a candidate to announce their intent to run on Election Day Aug. 7, but it doesn’t necessarily mean their name will be on the ballot.

Phillip Warren, administrator of elections, said that all picking up a petition meant was that the candidate simply got a petition and that more steps were involved.

“They’ve next got to get 25 signatures of registered voters in their district that they’re running and turn that in by the qualifying deadline April 3 at noon,” Warren said.

After candidates return their petitions with the 25 signatures, the petitions would each be reviewed by the Election Commission and then filed, said Warren.

The last day to withdraw from the election is April 10 and after that the Election Commission meets to qualify candidates and make them official, Warren said.

“It’s a pretty good indication someone is going to run if they pick up a petition,” Warren said.

The last day to pick up a petition to run is April 3 at noon.

The last day to register to vote is July 8.

Warren and the Election Commission also has encouraged people to update their voter registration as petitions begin to circle for the upcoming election.

“This is a good time to do some housekeeping on your voter registration- or to get registered if you are not- before it is time to vote or it is too late to register,” said Warren. “Well maintained voter registration rolls are the foundation of fair and honest elections.

“Voters know to contact the Election Commission if they change their address or their name. But, updating their signature may not be something voters have thought about. It is important to have your current signature on your registration card.  The signature on an absentee ballot request, a petition or on an application to vote must match the signature on the voter’s registration form,” says Warren.

Warren said people who registered to vote 10 or 20 years ago might not have the same signature today.

He said you could update your name, address or signature by mail by downloading the form from the election website at wilsonelections.com or in person by visiting the Election Commission office at 203 E. Main Street in Lebanon. Forms are also available at many government offices throughout the county.

“When you vote or sign a petition, having your voter registration information current and correct is necessary. Take a few minutes today to make sure your voter registration is updated. It is never too early to ensure that your voter registration is up to date,” Warren said.

For more information, visit the Wilson County Election Commission website at wilsonelections.com or call 444-0216.

Chancellor-15th Judicial: C.K. Smith, Gordon C. Aulgur

Circuit Court Clerk: Bud Brandon, Debbie Moss, Felicia Plumlee Hale, Jeff Dickson

Circuit Court Judge Div. 1- 15th Judicial: Clara Byrd

Circuit Court Judge Div. 2- 15th Judicial: John D. Wootten, Jr.

Constable- Zone 1: Jacob Austin, William Robert Manley

Constable- Zone 2: Jimmy Locke

Constable- Zone 3: Glenn Oco Hamblen

Constable- Zone 4: Jenny Lenning-Faulk, Luther C. Lenning

Constable- Zone 5: Ronnie Greer

County Clerk: Jim Goodall

Criminal Court Judge-15th Judicial: Brian Fuller, Brody Kane

General Sessions Judge Division I: Barry Tatum

General Sessions Judge Division II: Andy Wright, Ellis H. Marshall III, Harry A. Christiansen, Shelley Gardner

General Session Judge Division III: John T. Gwin

Lebanon Special School District: Andy E. Brummett

Public Defender-15th Judicial: Comer Donnell

Register of Deeds: John ‘Bev’ Spickard

Sheriff: Robert C. Bryan

State Democratic Committeeman: Jesse McLevain

State Democratic Committeewoman: Mary A. Patterson

State Representative- Democratic District 57: Jesse McLevain

State Representative-Republican District 46: Mark A. Pody

State Representative- Republican District 57: Susan Lynn

State Republican Committeeman: Albert B. McCall

State Republican Committeewoman: Pat Fields, Yvonne G. Hunter

State Senate Republican 17th District: Mae Beavers, Clark Boyd

Trustee: Jim Major, Nick Hays

U.S. House of Representatives- Democratic District 6: Jesse McLevain

County Commissioner-District 1: Becky Siever

County Commissioner-District 2: Richard L. Moses

County Commissioner-District 3: Bobby Franklin, Paul Harvey

County Commissioner-District 4: Chad Barnard, Melani Stephens

County Commissioner-District 5: Jerry McFarland, Jimmy Comer

County Commissioner-District 6: Kenny Reich, Kevin Graves

County Commissioner-District 7: Joshua Hinerman, Terry L. Scruggs

County Commissioner-District 8: Frank Bush, Terry Duncan

County Commissioner-District 9: Gary Tarpley, Sara B. Patton

County Commissioner-District 10: Nathan Clariday

County Commissioner-District 11: John P. Gentry

County Commissioner-District 12: Terry McPeak

County Commissioner-District 13: Clint Thomas, Sonja L. Robinson

County Commissioner-District 14: Jeff Joines

County Commissioner-District 15: Mike Justice

County Commissioner-District 16: Diane Weathers, Jason D. Brockman

County Commissioner-District 17: Gary Keith

County Commissioner-District 18: Lauren Breeze, Michael Cole, Terrell Muncher

County Commissioner-District 19: William A. Glover III

County Commissioner-District 20: Annette Davis-Stafford

County Commissioner-District 21: Cindy Forbes Brown, Eugene Murray

County Commissioner-District 22: J. Wendell Marlowe

County Commissioner-District 23: Bernie Ash, Robert C. Pelt

County Commissioner-District 24: Paul D. Abercrombie

County Commissioner-District 25: Jim Emberton, Luther C. Lenning, Randy Hall

Wilson County Mayor: Randall Hutto

County School Board-Zone 2: Bill Robinson

County School Board-Zone 4: Linda Armistead, Ron Britt

County School Board-Zone 5: Larry Tomlinson

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