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Staff Reports • Dec 17, 2015 at 6:40 PM

Editor’s Note: The following is a series of questions and answers taken verbatim from a Lebanon Democrat questionnaire recently filled out and returned by each candidate in the District 19 Wilson County Commission race. The Democrat will publish the responses from candidates in this and other races leading up to the Aug. 7 general election. 

Former Putnam County Commissioner Dennis Little challenged incumbent Wilson County Commissioner William Glover for the District 19 commission seat in the Aug. 7 election. 

Glover has worked for the city of Lebanon for 20 years as a police officer, firefighter and currently serves as public safety coordinator. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Cumberland University. He attended several classes in government during the last four years.

Glover is married to Vicki Glover, and the couple has two children.  Caitlin Glover attends Lebanon High School, and Bryson Glover finished fourth grade at Sam Houston Elementary School. 

Little was raised in Detroit before he moved in 1987 to Cookeville, where he owned and operated a portrait studio. At the time, we was elected as a county commissioner and served in that position for seven years. 

He moved to Lebanon in 2000, when he became a partner and manager of a Sonic restaurant. He has also worked as a restaurant manager for Pilot and as a sales representative for Sherwin Williams. He currently works as a general manager for Flash Market. 

He attended Eastern Michigan University for three years. 

What prompted you to seek office? Was it a personal initiative or did others encourage you? 

Glover: I have always worked hard for our community. I have committed my life to serving as a public servant. I ran four years ago because I’m conservative and believe that county commissioners should represent the citizens of Wilson County and do what is right. I have received tremendous support and encouragement to seek re-election from a large portion of District 19 and all across our county.

Little: The one thing that prompted me to seek election is knowing my experience as a former county commissioner in Putnam County would be invaluable to this community. I know the importance of working together with all branches of government. I want to see the best possible growth in the areas of jobs, education and the infrastructure of this community. 

What are the most important issues in your race, and how do you plan to address them? 

Glover: The astonishing growth our county has each year places a strain on all departments. The more homes that are built, the more children attends our schools, the more calls of service for our public safety agencies, to the roads, and the list continues for all the agencies of our county. I will continue to support smart growth, recruitment of business and smart choices. As I have for the past four years, the decisions I make are not easy. I have voted how I believe the people of District 19 and our entire count want and need. If you look at my voting record, you will see I am conservative and do what is right.  

Little: What are the most important issues in your race, and how do you plan to address them?

In any race, there are many issues. The most important issue in this race is the future of Wilson County and its ability to provide jobs for generations to come. The best way to address this issue is to work together with all departments and government in the county and to develop a plan for a better Wilson County. I want to also be open to all ideas regarding the potential for the county. 

What would you say to voters opposed to your running for office to convince them you are the most qualified? 

Glover: I would hope that the people of District 19 would email or call me if I was not doing the will of the voters. I take my position very seriously and study the issues extremely hard before placing my vote. I am very ethical, trustworthy and determined to do my very best. I have proven that I serve our citizens and represent them in a professional way. I’m a veteran of the U.S. Navy and have served in Public Safety for more than 23 years. I’m educated with my bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Cumberland University. Before that I went to Market Street, Highland Heights Elementary School, Walter J. Baird Middle School and graduated from Lebanon High School. I have lived here almost my entire life, except my military service.

Little: I would say I am sorry you feel this way, however, if you look at my record from the past, you will find that I research all issues. I know when I vote I am voting for what is best for the county and not what is best for me. 

What do you bring to the table that your opponents do not? 

Glover: I have lived in Lebanon all my life.  I am vested in our community and have served and continue to serve in many of the nonprofits. I have served as the PTO president at Sam Houston Elementary School for nine years. I love our community and enjoy serving. I’ve been paying property tax since 1998 and understand the hardship in raising someone’s property tax. I voted against raising our property tax two years ago.  

Little: Leadership is the one thing that I bring to the table. I will work to bring people together for a common goal, not behind closed doors but open for all to hear. As your commissioner, I will research all issues and work with all commissioners in providing the best solutions for Wilson County. 

How is your experience – or lack of experience – a plus or minus for the position you are seeking? 

Glover: My experience as your District 19 county commissioner is an advantage, because you know that I vote conservative, I represent the voters, and I do what is right. As I mentioned earlier, that I am educated with my master’s degree in public service management, and I use my education and experience to give my very best.

Little: With around seven years of experience as a commissioner, I believe this is a major plus for the position I am seeking. Some years ago, a suggestion was made by me that, when acted on here in Wilson County, it achieved a major savings for taxpayers.

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