Weathers challenges Brockman for District 16 commission seat

Staff Reports • Dec 17, 2015 at 6:40 PM

Diane Weathers, wife of Wilson County Board of Education chairman Don Weathers, challenged incumbent Wilson County Commissioner Jason Brockman for the District 16 seat on the commission in the Aug. 7 election. 

Brockman seeks his second term as commissioner. He’s a 14-year veteran Mt. Juliet police officer and graduated from Mt. Juliet High School. 

Brockman is married to Crystal Brockman, and the couple has one child, Landyn Brockman.  

Weathers works at Textron Aerostructures in Nashville for the past eight years. Prior to that, she worked at the Federal Reserve Bank in Nashville for eight years. She’s a Mt. Juliet High School graduate and attended Middle Tennessee State University. 

She and her husband have one child. 

What prompted you to seek office? Was it a personal initiative or did others encourage you? 

Brockman: I have always been interested in serving as an elected official. I have been a servant most of my life. My family, friends and neighbors have encouraged me to continue serving my community as county commissioner. Personal experiences have led me to this point in my life, and that is why I ran for county commissioner four years ago. I have not finished the work I need to do for my constituents and therefore ask the voters to re-elect me as Wilson County commissioner of District 16.  

Weathers: I have a vested interest in the 16th District as my family has lived here since the 1790s. My son and his wife live in this district, and I want to make sure that it remains a great place to live for decades to come. I have seen growth take its toll on this district, and I want to make sure that the citizens who live here are properly represented in county governance. I have the time to dedicate to the people of the district and will work to help their wants and needs be addressed by the county commission. I have served the county in several capacities, including the Library Board and the Board of Zoning Appeals, during the past several years and have established relationships with many people in county government that will allow me to get things done once I am elected. As far as what prompted me to run, it is a combination of a personal desire to serve on the county commission and because I have been encouraged by many of the people that live in the 16th District.  I am passionate about our quality of life and will work as needed to make sure we protect it. I am a very conservative person and will work hard to avoid increasing taxes in the future. I want what is best for those that live here and have the time to represent them in all commission meetings.

What are the most important issues in your race, and how do you plan to address them? 

Brockman: One of the biggest issues currently affecting Wilson County is infrastructure improvements not keeping pace with the county’s rapid growth.

Weathers: I want to make sure the voices of the people of the 16th District are heard in all county commission and committee meetings and working with all government officials as needed to ensure their wants and needs are known. With all the growth and changes the county and the 16th District is encountering, it is necessary for the commissioner for this district to have time to devote to getting things done. It is important for me to maintain the lifestyle we have, and that will take a lot of work, which I am prepared to do.

What would you say to voters opposed to your running for office to convince them you are the most qualified?

Brockman: I stay current on all policies and budget concerns of our county government.

Weathers: I have been actively involved in county government for the past 15 years in some capacity and know the inner workings of Wilson County and will be able to get things done. This is something I have been preparing for, and I believe I am ready for the task. 

What do you bring to the table that your opponents do not?

Brockman: With our county continuously growing, we will have several decisions to make in the near future. These decisions must be made by leaders who are without any bias or conflict of interest, which might influence their decision on the issue. Unlike my competitor, I am free of any conflicts of interest. It is important that the voters understand that there are many members of our local/county government that have conflicts of interest, which are not mentioned openly. The largest portion of the County’s budget involves the school system. Therefore, I believe it would be a conflict of interest and ethically wrong for a husband and wife to simultaneously serve on the school board and county commission. A number of voters have raised this issue as I have campaigned door to door.

Weathers: I have a passion to protect the integrity of the 16th District because it is where I have lived all my life. My family has lived and worked in this district in some capacity since the late 1700s. I know the people of the community and will work tirelessly to serve their best interests. I have the time to dedicate to the duties of properly representing the people of this district.

How is your experience – or lack of experience – a plus or minus for the position you are seeking?

Brockman: My work as a local police officer for the last 14 years, managing and owning my own business, and belonging to a number of civic and community organizations have given me the opportunity to see the needs of District 16 and Wilson County as a whole. These experiences have also honed my ability to work with and communicate with people.

Weathers: My experience in the community and county government is a definite plus. I know and have relationships with most, if not all, of the county leaders and will be able to get things done. I know that some things are harder to get done than others, but I have the time to keep pushing to get the things done that have a positive impact on the 16th District.

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