Couchville Lake to hold Kids Fishing Event

Larry Woody • Updated Jul 27, 2013 at 11:10 AM

Couchville Lake in Long Hunter State Park will hold a Kids Fishing Event on June 8 in conjunction with the TWRA’s annual Free Fishing Day.

For information about how to participate call 615-889-1975.

On Free Fishing Day any resident or non-resident of any age can fish free without a license in any Tennessee public water.

Even better, the freebie fishing runs through June 14 for anyone 15 years or younger.

Youngsters 12 and under don’t have to have a license anytime of the year, although special permits may be required on some waters.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency started the Free Fishing Day – and subsequent Free Fishing Week – some years ago to encourage more people to go fishing.

It is especially suited for youngsters and parents who might not be regular fishermen but would like to give it a try without the expense and bother of acquiring a license.

“Not only is fishing a great family activity, it helps make us more aware of our natural environment,” says a TWRA spokesman.

The Free Fishing Day(s) apply to Tennessee’s public waters, TWRA-operated lakes, and state park facilities. Some privately owned pay lakes continue to charge a fee during this period.

The TWRA lists Kids Fishing Events on its website (tnwildlife.org). It includes a variety of activities planned across the state, with details about times and locations.

There are virtually unlimited fishing opportunities in and around Wilson County, starting with Old Hickory Lake and Percy Priest Lake.

Both lakes have fishing piers and convenient places to fish from the banks, as does Marrowbone Lake, a TWRA-managed lake near Joelton, and Couchville Lake. Some, like Marrowbone, have a bait shop and others, like Couchville, don’t. Call and check to see what’s available before going.

The simplest way to fish for new anglers is to fish for bluegill (bream) with crickets or worms. If there lake has no bait shop, bait can be purchased at many convenience markets around the area, or at marinas and boat docks.

Use a small hook with a BB-sized split shot pinched on the line 6 inches about the bait. Snap on a small bobber about four feet on up the line and cast out. (Make sure the area behind the caster is clear before hooks start flying.)

Fishing close to visible structure such as rocks or logs is generally productive.

Couchville Lake is a 110-acre impoundment with convenient parking. It can be fished from the bank or from a fishing pier. It has restrooms, an adjacent playground, walking paths and trails, and other amenities.

For information about Couchville Lake call (615) 885-2422.

When taking kids on their first fishing trip a relatively short outing is usually the best. Youngsters tend to get restless, even if the fish are biting, so relatively short trips are usually best. Also take insect repellant, sun screen, cool drinks and snacks.

The goal of the Free Fishing Day is to make fishing fun and make the kids – and parents – eager to go again. It’s as much about hooking new fishermen as it is about hooking some fish.

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