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Larry Woody • Updated Jul 26, 2013 at 11:11 PM

Dry Water arrests: The TWRA made 12 arrests for Boating Under the Influence during the July “Dry Water” crackdown on BWI violators across the state.

Officers also arrested three others boaters for other violations and issued 166 additional citations for various other boating infractions during inspection of 3,364 vessels.

The arrests were down from last year and perhaps reflect the effectiveness of the TWRA’s campaign to educate the public about boating regulations the consequences for violations.

However, there was one fatality during that period. A 21-year-old Clarksville woman was killed in a boating accident.

The TWRA will continue to make boating under the influence of alcohol and drugs a point of enforcement emphasis during the rest of the summer.

Perfect score: Richie Bolin won last week’s trap shoot at the Cedar City Gun Club by posting a perfect 50 straight hits, best among 22 shooters.

Veteran honors went to Howard McCaleb (49), Junior to Taylor Bolin (44), Sub-Junior to Dale Anthony (39) and Class B to James Anthony.

Trophy photo hoax? A photo purportedly showing a fisherman holding a world-record bass has been making the rounds on the internet, but some believe it is a hoax.

The photo shows George W. Perry appearing to hold a giant bass. But is it the fish that Perry caught in Georgia in 1932 that weighed 22 pounds, four ounces, and stands as the official word record?

Many are skeptical.

Perry, a pilot and mechanic, died in a plane crash in 1974. He reportedly mentioned two photos that were taken of the giant bass, but no authenticated photos ever surfaced. Perry took his big bass home, cooked it, and ate it.

A photo found in 2006 reportedly showed two unidentified persons holding Perry’s record bass, but Perry is not in the photograph and no documentation was provided.

The latest photo to surface shows Perry – positively identified – seemingly holding a huge bass, but some believe the fish was super-imposed on the photo as a joke on the anniversary of the record catch.

WMA deadline: Applications for this fall’s elk hunt and other WMA big-game hunts is July 24. Application instruction sheet lists locations for all quote hunts, including the elk hunt, and can be obtained at any TWRA license agent, TWRA office or online at the TWRA website, www.tnwildlife.org

Additional information is available on the TWRA website, or by calling the Nashville TWRA headquarters.


July 24: WMA quota hunt-application deadline

July: Trapping & Hunting Guide comes out

August: fall squirrel season opens

Sept.: deer archery season opens

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