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Larry Woody, Outdoors Writer • Dec 17, 2015 at 5:21 PM

Dove harvest: A total of 5,300 hunters bagged 18,300 doves on TWRA-managed fields during the first weekend of dove season. That was termed "average" by TWRA officers.

Those harvest numbers don't included birds taken on private land hunts.

The first segment of dove season closes Sept. 26. Two additional segments run Oct. 12-27 and Dec. 19-Jan. 15.


Sandhill hunt: The TWRA has finalized plans for this fall's first sandhill crane hunt and the issuance of 400 permits. Each permit holder will be allowed to kill a total of three cranes. An on-site draw for permits will be held, and each permit holder will be required to pass a "crane identification class" before proceeding on a hunt. Details about the draw will be announced soon.


Youth hunts: Young Sportsman deer hunts for youngsters 6-16 are set for Oct. 26-27.

Each young hunter must be accompanied by a non-hunting adult 21 or older, who is in position to take control of the weapon. The young hunters must meet Hunter Education requirements.

For details consult the Tennessee Trapping and Hunting Guide, available at most outdoor outlets.

Trap shoot: Rob Mathis, Brian Lettrich, Greg Piercey and Chris Cooper were the top shooters in the Cedar City Gun Club's weekly trap shoot last week.

Contact Ben Schade for information about the weekly shoot, or other area shooting events.

Fishing  regulations: The TWRA is considering some changes in commercial fishing regulations. The changes are currently under debate, and if made, will become effective as part of the 2014 fishing regulations.


Record buffalo: Whitwell fisherman Steve Coursey caught a state-record 58-pound black buffalo from the tailwaters of Chicamauga Dam. The May 8 catch broke the former record of 55 pounds but is short of the world record of a 63-pound, 8-ounce buffalo caught in the Mississippi River in 1999.

A list of all state fishing records is posted in the Tennessee Fishing Guide.


Aug. 24-Feb. 28: squirrel season

Sept. 28-Oct. 25: deer archery season

Oct. 12-25: fall turkey season

Nov. 2-Feb. 28: rabbit, quail season

Nov. 9-22: muzzleloader season

Nov. 23-Jan. 5: deer gun season

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