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Larry Woody, Outdoors Writer • Updated Oct 24, 2013 at 10:42 PM

Turkey tally down: The TWRA reported 357 turkeys killed during the opening weekend of the fall season, almost half of last year's opening-weekend tally.

At last count the turkey kill totaled 654, well off the pace of last season.

The fall turkey season ends Oct. 25.


Deer watch: The Tennessee State Highway Patrol advises motorists to be on the lookout for deer running across roads this time of year. October and November is peak mating season, and deer are especially active during that time.

In Tennessee there were 5,911 deer-related crashes last year, an increase of 4.2 percent from the previous year.

Of the 5,911 crashes, 5,601 resulted in substantial auto damage, 307 resulted in injuries, and three resulted in fatalities.

"We urge drivers to be aware and cautious in areas where deer are populated," said TSHP spokesman Tracy Trott. "And most importantly, slow down."

Since 2008, deer-related crashes in Tennessee have increased by 13.6 percent.


Trap shoot: Mac McCaleb won a shootoff with Kerry Hale to take top honors in the weekly trap shoot at Cedar City Gun Club. Both shot 48's in regulation.

Ray Hutchenson was top vet with a 45 and Hunter Satterfield won sub-junior with a 42.

For information about the weekly shoot or other Wilson County shooting events, contact Ben Schade at the Gun Club.

Bear facts: The Tennessee Fish & Wildlife Commission will issue a "bear report" following its monthly meeting in Kingsport. The state's bear population continues to grow, with the animals moving into new territories, including some Middle Tennessee counties.

The Commission also will give an update on the state's quail situation. The quail population continues a decades-long downward spiral and there are concerns about the popular game bird's future.


License reminder: TWRA reminds residents that anyone born after Jan.1, 1969, must complete a Hunter Education Course in order to get a license. A special one-time exemption is available, with certain restrictions.

Information about license requirements and options is available at the TWRA website, tnwildlife.org or in the current Tennessee Hunting & Trapping Guide, available at most outdoor outlets.


Aug. 24-Feb. 28: squirrel season

Sept. 28-Oct. 25: deer archery season

Oct. 12-25: fall turkey season

Nov. 2-Feb. 28: rabbit, quail season

Nov. 9-22: muzzleloader season

Nov. 23-Jan. 5: deer gun season

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