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Saturday Morning Quarterback

Andy Reed andy.reed@lebanondemocrat.com • Updated Oct 25, 2013 at 11:52 PM

While playing on my android phone last weekend, I was saddened when I came upon a news story concerning the death of Gallatin High football fan Jules Brazil.

That name rang just enough of a bell with me. The longtime Green Wave radio color commentator filled that role with Cumberland football for a couple of seasons.

I didn’t know him well, but Jules, as he was called by play-by-play partner Bill Buntin, often made his way over to me in the Lindsey Donnell Stadium pressbox when they were in commercial or otherwise off the air.

He didn’t seem to meet a stranger. He had a soft, Southern voice. He once told me about Gallatin taking on Lebanon back during the days Clifton Tribble coached the Blue Devils.

When he and Buntin found themselves out of the pressbox midway through the 2008 season [for reasons I’ve never been told, but from what I understand, it was through no fault of Mr. Brazil’s], Jules stood on the Kirk Field sidelines watching the Bulldogs drive toward a share of the Mid-South Conference West Division championship, clinching it with a dramatic season-ending win over Lambuth.

Mr. Brazil’s connection to Cumberland probably came through then-coach Dewayne Alexander, a Gallatin resident whose son later played for the Green Wave.

Afterward, I’d run across Jules off and on along football sidelines, whether at Cumberland games or other high school games. I believe I saw him earlier this season, though I can’t recall when or where.

It was obvious he loved football. I’ve read he particularly ‘loved that Wave’, as the bumper stickers used to say. He was to Gallatin much like what Raymond Lasater [the Lasater in Nokes-Lasater Field] was to Lebanon.

But while Raymond Lasater went to LHS, Mr. Brazil adopted the Green Wave as he was a Birmingham, Ala., native who never lost his taste for the Alabama Crimson Tide. He worked as an engineer in Gallatin where he helped develop the town’s Pop Warner league, serving as a coach and commissioner.

It was that love of the sport and the team which placed him on the street near Calvin Short Field as he was walking toward the Waveyard before the Green Wave took on Portland last Friday when a car fatally struck him. He had turned 73 less than a week earlier.

He was to be honored before last night’s game against Mt. Juliet. Knowing the longstanding rivalry between those teams and knowing Jules, he would have loved to have been there.

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