Youth league basketball

Staff Reports • Updated Jan 21, 2014 at 11:24 PM

Results from Monday’s games in the Lebanon Junior-Senior Pro Basketball League at the Harold Dean Greer Recreation Center:


Light Blue 16, Green 10

Brock Gann poured in 11 points for the Light Blue while Elijah Coggins and Daniel Casen each collected two and Joshua Beal a free throw.

Kaden Seay and Dylan Goolsby each finished with four points for the Green while Nick Moulton tossed in two.

Orange 10, Red 6

Luke Gill scored six points for the Orange while Emilio Jimenez tossed in two and DaMarcus Thompson and Ian Walsh a free throw each.

Isaac Huddleston finished with four points and David Porter two for the Red.


Coles Ferry 15, Orange 4

Terri Reynolds finished with four points for Coles Ferry while Sainya Rhodes, Carrie Moscardelli, Amari Vaught, Jireh Brinkley and Tinsley Parrish each put in two and Vanessa Szych a free throw for Coles Ferry.

Kailey Allen threw in three points and Ashley Hardin a free throw for the Orange.

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