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College Football Playoff: No expansion past four teams in near future

By Matt Murschel Orlando Sentinel (MCT) • Updated Jul 15, 2014 at 10:42 PM

HOOVER, Ala. — There have been no discussions about expanding the new College Football Playoff to include more than four teams, according to the group’s executive director.

Bill Hancock told the Orlando Sentinel Tuesday that he doesn’t see expansion in the immediate future for the new postseason format. “I really don’t,” said Hancock, adding that the reason the playoff was set up for the next 12 years was to provide stability.

The College Football Playoff was created as a replacement for the Bowl Championship Series, which expired last season. It features two semifinal games followed by a national championship game at rotating sites.

“We should all come to love it and really enjoy it,” he said.

Hancock adds that the reason for sticking with four teams for the playoff is two-fold, “To protect the regular season and protect the bowl experience for student-athletes from top to bottom.” He said there is a concern that too many teams in a playoff could create a tipping point that would erode the regular season. To Hancock, four teams won’t cause that erosion.

“We’re going to have four for a long time and it’s going to be awesome,” he said.

With a little less than six months until the national championship game, Hancock says the playoff group is in ‘good shape’ heading into the football season. He adds that while there are still some details to be worked out, it’s been a smooth transition from the BCS to the College Football Playoff.

Hancock is on hand at this week’s SEC football media event to educate the media on the new postseason.

“It’s really important to us that people understand how this playoff is going to work,” said Hancock, who referred to his session as College Football Playoff 101.

Hancock said that he’s been following the developments surrounding the NCAA and its changing governance issues very closely, but he doesn’t think it will impact what he and his group are doing.

“Will it affect what we’re doing with the College Football Playoff? No. The conferences came together to create the playoff and they’re all a part of it. From a playoff perspective, we’re watching with great interest.”

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