Boy Scout set to build Watertown helipad

Watertown will soon have a helipad, thanks to a local Boy Scout.
Sep 23, 2013


Watertown will soon have a helipad, thanks to a local Boy Scout.

Jalen Fish, a16-year-old Boy Scout from Watertown, is building a helipad for emergency medical transport helicopters behind the WEMA center.

The project is part of Fish's quest to become an Eagle Scout.

He broke ground on the project Friday, and it must be completed before he turns 18 in just over a year.

"His scout master asked if he had thought about any projects, and he decided to go to the city council to look for ideas," said Linda Bilbrey, Jalen's grandmother. "The city council said they needed a helipad. No one expected him to do it, but he took the task. He has been frustrated several times, but he has stuck with it."

Fish gave up his summer job and his spot on the football team in pursuit of Eagle Scout.

"He had been missing practice to gather resources for the helipad, and his coach told him that if he missed any more he would be removed from the team," said Bilbrey. "He told the coach that getting Eagle Scout meant more to him than being on the football team, and he quit."

Funding for the helipad is all coming from fundraisers and various donations from the community. Fish will also have a bake sale at the mile-long-yard-sale this weekend.

Donations for the project can be made to the Jalen Fish Eagle Scout Project Fund at any Wilson Bank & Trust location.


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