Wilson County readies for tourism director search

The county may soon begin the search for a new tourism director.
Apr 10, 2014


The county may soon begin the search for a new tourism director.

The county’s tourism department, which was dissolved at the end of 2012, was given new life by the county commission several months ago, when it approved the placement of a new director.

“They approved this a long time ago - back in January, to put someone in place by June 30,” said County Mayor Randall Hutto.

Last July, the Development and Tourism Committee for the county had hoped to bring back a tourism department.

Commissioners last year included a $99,000 allotment in the 2013-2014 fiscal year budget for the tourism department. The salary for the tourism director position would come from that allotment. 

“Tourism is a competition with our surrounding counties and cities to gather dollars that are out there, whether it’s citizens aiming for a specific destination or those just traveling through,” Development and Tourism Committee Chair Clint Thomas said at that meeting. “We’re in constant competition with our surrounding counties.”

Commissioner Jim Bradshaw voiced his support for the position during an October county commission meeting.

“This is something we need to go ahead and get implemented,” said Bradshaw at the time. “There’s a lot going on in Nashville, and we need to reach out and try to take grab of a lot of these things that are happening around and could possibly come to Wilson County.”

Hutto said he has sat down and begun work on a job description and once that has been completed, they will work out a timeline for getting the job posted.


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