Snow White’s fate clearer

The iconic Snow White Drive-In remains in limbo as far as what the future holds, but in the meantime is open for business.
Apr 17, 2014


The iconic Snow White Drive-In remains in limbo as far as what the future holds, but in the meantime is open for business.

After its lease was up in February, the business has continued to go on a month-to-month basis while the city entertained approving options for a new business at the current location.

Lebanon Planning Director Paul Corder said the Planning Commission met March 31 where it approved in a 5-1 vote the site plan from developers for a Speedway gas station.

“In the site plan, the Planning Commission looks at the façade, parking, the layout, dumpster location, landscaping and things like that,” Corder said. 

Corder said the tentative plan the commission received from Speedway is to tear down the building that currently houses the Snow White and build a Speedway gas station on the property.

As far as a plan of action, Corder said there was no time frame he knew since the plan is now past the Planning Commission, but it was now on Speedway’s timetable.

Property owner Greg Dugdale said he had no idea on a timeline as to when things were going to happen either.

“It’s my understanding the buyer has total control of the process,” Dugdale said. “They were approved. They haven’t contacted me.”

Dugdale said if Speedway were to come to the location, it would be a sale on his part.

“I am waiting on them,” Dugdale said. “When you are a seller, you are basically waiting on a buyer. I am basically waiting on them to fulfill their contingencies and get back to me on the sale.”

For now, Snow White Drive-In owner Billy Wyatt said things were still the same for his business as they’ve been for the past several months.

“We’re moving right along until someone says stop,” Wyatt said.

Attempts by The Democrat to reach Speedway officials were unsuccessful. 



Like we really need another gas station in this town. Its so sad how people put money first. Snow White is a landmark in this town and to tear it down is just sad.As wealthy as Dugdale is he should have stepped up and built a new building for the resturant and kept a wonderful thing going for all who love Snow White and saved a piece of history. This is just sad. Nobody has a heart anymore its all about money!


This is very sad news. Anyone who has ever spent any time whatsoever in Lebanon has fond memories of Snow White. Preserving our identity, history and culture is a difficult battle when the adversary is money, but I ask anyone who reads this to please make conscious decisions when you decide where to spend your money. Soon our towns will all look the same and we can feel right at home in any city we go from coast to coast. In the meantime, please join me as we enjoy landmarks that many generations have enjoyed for years. Thank you Snow White for many memories!




I couldn't agree more with all of the comments here. This town is putting money first and history second. The memories that have been created at this historic restaurant obviously mean nothing to the people that just must have that almighty dollar. I think that our mayor needs to take a look at the three obtrusive and ugly billboards right in front of Snow white. They have been an eyesore for years, but there is money involved in leasing those too, so I'm sure they are there to stay! @nickysduck--you are so right, like this town needs another gas station or another bank!


Shame on the planning commission... Snow White has been a Icon for years and to change that to a Gas Station "SHAME ON YOU" it's time to get a petition together and stop this from happening... Just makes me wonder what the pay off was to get this passed!


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