Ordinary dad leads extraordinary life

Jennifer Chandler describes her father as a meat and taters kind of guy, but there’s a lot more to this ordinary dad.
Jun 14, 2014


Jennifer Chandler describes her father as a meat and taters kind of guy, but there’s a lot more to this ordinary dad. 

Chandler is the oldest of five children born to Frances and Randy Drennen, of Lebanon. She describes her dad in several unique ways, using words like “tough,” “hard-working,” a “great husband” to her mom and even “nerdy.”

Chandler said Drennen has worked at Lochinvar building water heaters and boilers for homes for the past 19 years. 

“I’m almost 27, and he’s been there since I was in the third grade. He worked to the bone to provide for us and never complained once,” Chandler said.  “He has called in sick one day as far back as I can remember, and that was for the birth of his grandson. He would have the flu, pop an Advil, grab his ginger ale and go to work...toughest man I know. 

“He’ll put in the day’s work and then come home and tend to whatever needs to be done...the garden, a car, the sink. Most people would describe my dad as a simple man. He loves his meatloaf and mashed taters, a good book, a big bowl of vanilla ice cream. He’ll give you the shirt off his back without thinking twice.”

At 54, Chandler described her father as “not exactly young.” But, she said he puts in the hard day’s work of a 20 year old. She said Drennen is also a family man, as well. 

“He constantly strives to be a better man, which in my eyes is impossible,” Chandler said. “My children, his grandbabies, have stars in their eyes every time he walks in the room. To them, he walks on water and can do no wrong. Papa is their best friend in the entire world.

“Other than being the greatest dad and papa ever, he’s the greatest husband. The love he has for my mom is indescribable. He would literally move mountains for her. He always tells her that she makes him a better man for just knowing her. To him, she is on the highest pedestal, one that no one could ever dream of reaching. I’ve never seen two people fit together like puzzle pieces more than the way they do.”

In fact, Chandler describes her entire family as “very close-knit.” She said her brother and three sisters live within a 20-mile radius of their parents in Lebanon. Her second-oldest sister lives in Mt. Juliet. 

The family attends Hillcrest Baptist Church. 

“He is the Godliest man I know, and he is very loyal and honest,” Chandler said. “He’s probably the most loyal and honest man you’ll ever meet in your life.”

And apparently Drennen can be a bit of a nerd at times, too. 

“’If you want to know what I think, just ask your mother,’” Chandler said is one of her father’s most famous saying. “He probably says that about three times a day.

“Us kids have named his sayings, ‘Randyisms.’ He’ll think something he says is the funniest thing ever, when everyone else is like, ‘dad.’”

But through all the quirks and uniqueness, Chandler said the family certainly centers on their father, grandfather and husband. 

“Not one of us would change anything about him,” Chandler said. “He’s that warmth, security, and Godliness we can always come to. He’s the pillar that is forever standing in our lives. He’s our best friend.”

Chandler said the family plans to take Drennen out to lunch for Father’s Day on Sunday to celebrate. 



With all due respect and whatever, what is so extraordinary about this man?

He's not Superman, he's just a man who goes to work and loves his family.

That's nice and all, but if the LD wants to sell more newspapers, they're going to need more actual news to fill their pages and website with.

No offense to simple dad man. I'm sure he's a swell guy.


In response to Moderately. Joe, I would like to address his comments.
What is so extraordinary about this man? In today's society how many children go the extra length that Randy's daughter did to take the time to write the Lebanon Democrat or any other newspaper to recognize their father on Father's Day. I would venture to say not very many. To have a child take these measures to show how proud she is of her father, show enduring love, is something that this world could use more of. I am sure growing up with Randy as her father and mentor and his actions over many years inspired her to write the article. Maybe we need more Dad's like Randy in the world to foster these tight bonds and relationships with their children. Think what a better world this would be.
He's not Superman? No he is not, but you don't know him like his family and co-workers, which I am proud to be one of. Randy does go to work, EVERYDAY! Randy never misses work, works anytime the doors are open, and works from the start buzzer in the morning to the buzzer and the end of his shift, and never complains about anything. I know of no other more reliable worker than Randy! That's not the most extraordinary thing about Randy either. I have seen Randy "walk" to work, doesn't sound like much does it. How many people do you know that would walk from Lebanon to Nashville to go to work, and get there on time? Again, I would venture not very many, more likely none. That is how dedicated Randy is to his work and family.
As for the news that LD prints, you have it backwards. I do not read the big city papers just because they don't print this type of article, I think LD does a great job and a great community service by printing family oriented articles like this one. If you don't like it then don't read it, open up the big city papers spend a couple of hours and learn a lot of things about everything except human compassion and caring about your fellow man.
Sometimes, I just think people should keep their negative opinions to themselves, especially when they don't know what they are talking about such as your comments Moderately. Joe!


Will have to agree with tank man on this one. God gives us fathers as well as mothers to grow up the generations for the future. God said to honor your father and mother so that your days may be long in the land in which you live .
With all the irresponsible parents around what is wrong with honoring your father? Jesus honored his parents and so should we.
We should also honor our father in heaven for giving us the parents that we have. Let's honor them and also honor God our father.


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