Local children's authors to have book signing Saturday

Lebanon natives Amanda Edwards and Brandy Dowell will be hosting a book signing event in Murfreesboro for their book “The Land of the Tooth Fairy.” The children’s book is a story that follows a boy’s journey as he enters into the land of the tooth fairy during a dream.
Jun 26, 2013
	  Local authors Brandy Dowell and Amanda Edwards will have a book signing event Saturday for their book "The Land of the Tooth Fairy."
Edwards and Dowell have visited several schools to read their book to the students there.


Edwards and Dowell, who are dental assistants, hope that children will enjoy the book and that it will make them excited to lose teeth and maintain dental hygiene. 

Edwards and Dowell have been friends for 10 years, and for seven of those years they have worked together as dental assistants.  Dowell said that from the beginning the two of them had wanted to do something special together, and that this book became that special thing. 

“Writing this book allowed us to achieve our dream.”  Dowell said.

The two began writing the book in early 2012, and when it was finished they sent it to publishers in hopes of it being published.  Neither Edwards nor Dowell had written a published work before “The Land of the Tooth Fairy”, but the book was picked up by the first publisher they sent it to.  Dowell said that they have had some ideas for more books, and that they may begin writing another soon. 

Edwards and Dowell have made visits to local schools such as Watertown Elementary, Coles Ferry Elementary and Carroll Oakland elementary to read their book to students there. 

“It’s a lot of fun to see their faces while we read the book,” Dowell Said, “You get the parts that make them light up.”

The duo say they have had a great response from children, and have even had children show interest in writing and creating stories of their own. 

The story that Edwards and Dowell created tells the story of a boy named Ben who is excited when he loses his first tooth.  When Ben goes to sleep that night, the story follows him into his dream which takes him to the land of the tooth fairy.  While there, Ben goes on a journey and meets many characters, including the tooth fairy, and he discovers what happens to his missing tooth in the land of the tooth fairy.

The book signing event will be Saturday at Hastings in Murfreesboro from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.  Edwards and Dowell will have another signing event August 3at Barnes and Noble in Hendersonville.



What a great event! I'll see you there!


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