Cumberland students get head-start on Hollywood

A group of Cumberland University students is getting a head-start on Hollywood.
Jul 31, 2014


A group of Cumberland University students is getting a head-start on Hollywood.

Production company iQ flicks grew out of B-Man Productions, which was created by Cumberland University senior Josh McCausland while he was still in high school.

Today, iQ flicks’ team includes McCausland and fellow Cumberland University students Larry Davis, Lamar Quezaire, John Essary and Matt Dailing.

And the team is hoping to create some buzz with a planned premiere for their latest film, an 11-minute short titled “Neurosis.”    

“It’s basically a film about this psychiatrist who has this patient that comes in,” said McCausland. “This particular patient has got a lot of parallels with the psychiatrist himself. Basically the psychiatrist kind of sees himself within his patient.”

McCausland described the film as “super-intense.”

“The funny thing is we’re all very sociable, kind of goofy, guys, but we like to write stuff that makes you wonder,” he said. “[The story] is kind of making you aware that if you’re not involved and social within your own life, you can become this kind of depressed, anxiety-driven individual. It’s trying to expose people to what can happen if you shut yourself off from society.”

To McCausland, if the film makes people think, it’s been a success.

“We’re not so much filmmakers as we are storytellers,” he said. “We think there’s a lot of texture that’s missing in the film industry right now, and we want to bring it back – we want to bring it back.”

Larry Davis wrote the story and stars in the film as Dr. Young.

David Webb plays the patient, Mr. Harris.

McCausland directed the film, did the cinematography and edited it.

He said the team worked with a sound engineer based in Chicago who composed the music for the film.

“It’s all original music,” said McCausland.

He said the group’s next project will be a 20-30-minute short film that they plan to try entering into the Nashville Film Festival.

The team will offer a free showing of their film, “Neurosis,” as well as a few other short films they’ve done and will answer questions Friday from 7-8 p.m. at Journey Church, located at 212 Leeville Pike in Lebanon.

The event is free and open to the public. McCausland said registration is not required, but he hopes guests will RSVP on the event’s Facebook page, located at


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