Jobless rate increases for second month

Wilson County’s unemployment rate increased by 0.4 percent in July.
Aug 22, 2014


Wilson County’s unemployment rate increased by 0.4 percent in July.

According to figures released Thursday by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development, July’s jobless rate in Wilson County was up 0.4 percent to 6.2 percent from June’s rate of 5.8 percent.

Rates decreased in 5 counties, increased in 86 counties and remained the same in four counties in July.

Wilson County ranks third in the state behind Lincoln and Williamson counties, respectively, for the lowest unemployment rate in July. 

Scott County had the highest jobless rate with 14.3 percent.

Wilson County’s rate in July represented 3,940 unemployed workers compared to a 63,870-person workforce and does not include those who did not file with the labor department or no longer receive benefits.

Among Tennessee’s larger cities, Lebanon’s rate for June increased 0.8 percent from May’s 5.6 percent. The city’s rate represents 880 unemployed workers compared to a 13,790-person labor force.

The Nashville-Murfreesboro metropolitan area, which includes Wilson County, increased by 0.4 percent in July compared to June’s 6 percent. The rate represents 55,040 unemployed workers compared to an 860,640-person workforce.

Tennessee’s unemployment rate for July lands at 7.8 percent, up 0.4 percent from June. The statewide rate represents 238,100 jobless workers compared to a 3.06-million-person workforce.

The national unemployment rate for July was 6.2 percent, which was up 0.1 percent from June. The national rate represents more than 9.6 million unemployed workers compared to a 156.02-million-person workforce.


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