Suspected serial shoplifters arrested at Target

Trio charged after theft-in-progress call.
Sep 3, 2013
Dustin Burgess
Karla Montgomery
Terry Dunn


Mt. Juliet police arrested a trio of suspected serial shoplifters Monday afternoon after responding to a theft-in-progress call at Target.

According to police, Target’s loss prevention team recognized the trio as suspects from previous thefts and notified police.

Police caught Terry Dunn, 25, of Baxter, as he waited outside in a parked car in the parking Police then caught Dustin Burgess, 26, and Karla Montgomery, 24, both of Cookeville, as they were leaving the store.

Upon investigation, police found merchandise in the parked car valued at more than $600. Police believe the merchandise was taken from the Walmart in Hermitage earlier in the day.

Officers also found marijuana roaches on Dunn’s person.

Detectives believe the three were involved in previous thefts at the Target in Mt. Juliet and at other stores in the area.

Dunn was charged with theft of property and simple possession of a schedule VI drug. Burgess and Montgomery were each charged with theft of property.

The investigation is ongoing and further charges are pending.


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