Man charged with selling marijuana candy

Police today arrested a man accused of selling marijuana candy that was found recently in a Middle Tennessee school.
Feb 5, 2014


Police today arrested a man accused of selling marijuana candy that was found recently in a Middle Tennessee school.

Special Agents in the Drug Division of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, along with members of the Giles County Sheriff’s Office arrested Cino A. Thomas, age 51 of Pulaski, Tenn. for possession of a schedule VI drug for resale.

On Jan. 16, a student was found to be in possession of medical marijuana candy in a Giles County School.  

In a joint investigation with the Giles County Sheriff’s Office and the US Postal Inspection Service, authorities arrested Cino Thomas at his residence today in Pulaski for distributing marijuana candy called “Ghanga Goo” around Giles County. After a consent search was conducted, approximately 10 pounds of marijuana candy and one pound of marijuana was seized.
Intelligence collected during this investigation indicated Thomas coordinated the delivery of the medical marijuana to Tennessee where he has packaged and distributed it as medical marijuana candy marketed as “Ghanga Goo”. Thomas received the medical marijuana from a dispensary in Omer, Michigan and mailed it to himself in Pulaski.
Thomas was taken into custody today and has been booked in the Giles County Jail.



And this shows nothing more than the need to regulate and tax marijuana just like alcohol. End the war on our citizens! End prohibition.

Failure (1) - Prohibition has NOT removed supply from the reach of children. Go visit a high school and ask which is easier to obtain alcohol or pot. The answer is pot due to non-regulation.

Failure (2) - Prohibition has NOT made the general public safer. Quite the contrary. Demand increases every year due to the amount of people who prefer cannabis to pharmaceutical drugs and alcohol. Who is meeting this demand? The black market. Thus, increasing crime every year.

Failure (3) - Prohibition has spent billions and billions of taxpayer dollars to arrest and lock up citizens for simple possession. Citizens that are guilty of nothing more than preferring cannabis to alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs. Many of these citizens now have criminal records preventing them from obtaining gainful employment.

Failure (4) - Prohibition has suppressed and delayed medical research of cannabis. This plant has been shown to have a myriad of medical benefits which include treatments for cancer, PTSD, seizures, HIV, depression and many others.

The majority of the country has been shown in multiple polls to support cannabis legalization for both medical and recreational use. Prohibitionists arguments have not evolved with the times. They are the same as they were decades ago and have never been based on sound science. Now is the time to stop living the lies of our fathers and right this wrong.


The DEA should focus 100% of their attention on drugs that are actually dangerous. Like heroin and meth.

Policing pot is a waste of resources.


you where so quick to report on the negative, now lets see if you have enough compassion to report on a more human side!
Last week u posted a damaging story on the arrest of my son over some BS charges based on a undercover low life coward informant, he is a scum ball but all of you where so eager to believe just to get your dam story I hope it was worth it!!
while in custody at the wonderful Giles county jail my son the day of his arrest he had to be taken to the ER and was diagnosed with a growth on his Pancreas ( pos. cancer) it caused him to become diabetic and the jail nurse was told to make him a appointment at the VA Hospital in Murfresboro ASAP it has been a week and my son has not received the proper care IE no recommended special diabetic diet, he is in Pain EVERY day?? he may just be a prisoner to you and the jail
Growth on the pancreas could mean cancer if treated early it can be surgically removed and he has a chance to live, if the growth spreads to other organs his survival chances becomes less and less by the day!
If anything happens to him while in Jail I will not hesitate to hold the Giles county jail responsible for wrongful death!
Then you can write about that!
was he soo wrong in trying to help some seniors in pain because nobody-else cares about them?
at least he has integrity enough not to tell on them, but you reporters just want your story don't care who it hurts!
I came to this country in the believe all was always fair well that was a lie.

My son fought for this country in Korea for all of you, show him some respect and gratitude!!!!!!!!!!



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