Details revealed in kidnapping case

Lebanon police released more details Monday from a kidnapping case reported Friday.
Jul 29, 2014
Edgar Bennett III


Lebanon police released more details Monday from a kidnapping case reported Friday.

Lebanon police Chief Scott Bowen said officers initially received a call at around 3 a.m. of a car crash at the intersection of Sparta Pike and Briskin Lane.

When officers arrived, Bowen said they began talking to the driver who said he was at Jimmy’s Sports Bar & Grill at 1310 Sparta Pike earlier that night. 

The driver told officers while he was at the bar, a domestic altercation took place between a man and woman, and the woman then got into his car to get away from the man who was attacking her.

Bowen said the driver told officers he was run off the road by the man from the bar, who was later found to be Edgar Eugene Bennett III, 39, of Norene.

The driver told officers following the crash Bennett then got the woman victim out of the car and drove off with her.

Bowen said detectives were then called in for an apparent kidnapping and began an investigation.

After interviewing witnesses at the bar, investigators determined there was at least one altercation between the victim and Bennett at the bar, and the bar apparently locked Bennett out in order to keep him away from the victim. Bowen said there was possibly another altercation in the parking lot.

“The whole thing started at the bar, and the thing that’s the most baffling and disturbing to us is why no one called the police during the altercation at the bar,” Bowen said. “Patrons did try to separate them and tried to get her out, but it’s disappointing that no one called us at that point, because all of this might could have been avoided.”

According to Bowen, the case is still under investigation, and detectives are still not sure how the crash at Sparta Pike and Briskin Lane happened or whether Bennett caused it. However, Bowen said Bennett was at the scene of the crash regardless.

“We could determine the victim, in fact, was taken against her will,” Bowen said.

The victim later called someone to get her after Bennett went to work, Bowen said. Police made contact with her on Highway 109. He said she had minor injuries.

“We’re lucky she wasn’t hurt any worse,” Bowen said.

Bennett was found later Friday morning and charged with kidnapping, domestic assault, aggravated assault and vandalism. 

An Aug. 7 court date was set for Bennett. 


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