Missing teen considered runaway

Police are continuing to look for a missing Lebanon teenager, though now it seems as if she has run away.
Sep 10, 2013
(Photo courtesy of Facebook) Deshon L. Crawford, 16, of Lebanon


Police are continuing to look for a missing Lebanon teenager, though now it seems as if she has run away.

Deshon L. Crawford, 16, of Lebanon, was last seen at her home late Aug. 30.

According to Lebanon police Chief Scott Bowen, police had heard from a friend of Crawford’s who said she saw her last week.

“She told her friend she was fine and ‘good luck finding me,’” Bowen said.

The girl’s mother, Melissa Crawford Holdeman, told police her daughter climbed out of a bathroom window sometime between 11 p.m. Friday and 1 a.m. Saturday, and she has not seen or heard from her since.

Crawford has brown hair and hazel eyes, is 5-feet, 5-inches tall and weighs 123 pounds.

She was last seen wearing yellow basketball shorts, purple and green Nikes and a black tank top.

Bowen said police could not issue an Amber alert for Crawford because she apparently ran away, but police are nonetheless doing “absolutely everything [they] can to find her.”

“It appears she ran away and we’re obviously still working on this case, but there’s a big difference between being missing and being a runaway,” Bowen said.

Bowen said all the information police have gathered points to Crawford not wanting to be found.

“It looks to us like she’s fine, and she wants to be gone,” Bowen said.

Bowen said at this time police had no reason to believe Crawford was in any danger.

“Her friend said she is fine, so we think she is just purposely avoiding us and avoiding being found,” Bowen said.

There will be a poster party for Crawford on Wednesday at noon at Demo’s Restaurant in Lebanon. Those who wish to attend should RSVP to Center For Search and Investigations for missing children by Tuesday at 9 a.m. and arrive at Demo’s by noon. Lunch will be provided.

Those attending should bring printed CFSI letter-size flyers, clear packing tape, scissors and water bottles.

Anyone with information leading to Crawford’s location should contact the Lebanon Police Department at 615-444-2323, private investigator John Forster at 615-788-8031 or Chuck Foreman at 512-644-9856.



As the mom of a (former) runaway teen, I ask you to please forgive one another. Please reach out and recognize how important you are to one another. Love one another. Put yourself in the other's shoes. Do whatever it takes to reach across this abyss and be together again. My hair turned gray the week my son was gone. I aged incredibly. I was lost without him. Today we are a solid mother and son again - we respect each other's space and needs. There is hope. Bless you as you cope with this sad situation. I'll pray for you both.


"Police are continuing to look for a missing Lebanon teenager, though now it seems as if she has run away." What? So the implication is that we're not supposed to look for her just because she ran away? She's still a child who is not under the supervision of her legal guardian. And there's no guarantee that her friend is telling the truth.


I cannot believe they are not putting her on Amber Alert!!! what??? they are taking another kids word on it? that's a load of crap to me!! teenagers hurt each other all the time! who's to say that this "friend" doesn't know more than she claims? what if shes hurt? why not get that "friend" and hold her at the police station till she gives more info? hold her their till they figure out if she is lying, or telling the truth! get to the bottom of it!! interview all her friends! put a little scare into them! most teens crack under pressure, one of her friends know exactly where she is, if she did run away. I live in cape coral, Florida. and I heard about this story on facebook, I have been following this and reposting it. I have shared it with over 565 ppl, totaling 5 states, and I have asked them to share it. I believe this story is gonna really go viral soon, police better be doing their jobs! a lot of ppl are watching to see what happens and how this is going to be handled. all that aside, this girl belongs at home with her mother, police should be doing more to get her there! it seems like the message that your local police is sending out is this... if a mother leaves her 16 yr old child, they will find the mother and put her in jail for neglect. but if a 16 year old girl leaves her mother, "its ok, let her go". not a very good message to be sending out!


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