Active-shooter training set in Mt. Juliet

Mt. Juliet police will hold a joint active shooter training exercise at two public schools next week.
Oct 9, 2013


Mt. Juliet police will hold a joint active shooter training exercise at two public schools next week.

The exercise, which will be held Oct. 18, will simulate a realistic emergency response to multiple shooters inside schools during a school day.

“These realistic mock scenarios allow us to evaluate our response capabilities in the event of an actual emergency,” said Chief James Hambrick. “We want to assure our community that our department, law enforcement partners and emergency responders train for these types of situations so we are prepared if and when we’re needed.”

The exercise will be a coordinated multi-agency response to an active shooter and mass casualty incident on two Mt. Juliet school campuses.

More than 100 volunteers and emergency responders will participate in the preparedness drill, including personnel from the Mt. Juliet Police Department, the Fire Department of Mt. Juliet, the Wilson County Sheriff’s Department, the Lebanon Police Department, the Wilson County Emergency Management Agency and Wilson County Schools.

Volunteers will act as victims, bystanders or shooters.

Mt. Juliet police will also test the city’s emergency communications system, which includes Nixle, Twitter, Facebook and the police newsroom.

“I cannot stress enough the importance of being prepared for emergency situations, especially on a school campus,” said Mt. Juliet police Capt. Michael Mullins. “It is vital to the safety and well-being of our community and school children that we prepare ourselves to respond appropriately to an active shooter incident.”

The active shooter drill is meant to better prepare law enforcement and emergency responders to provide the quickest and most appropriate response to any type of emergency or threatening situation on a school campus. The main goal is to ensure law enforcement and emergency responders are prepared for the worst so the safety of students and staff remains a priority.

Police said further details, including times and locations, will be released closer to the exercise date.


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