Schools director talks first week

Donna Wright began her tenure as the director of schools for Wilson County on Tuesday.
Jul 5, 2014


Donna Wright began her tenure as the director of schools for Wilson County on Tuesday. 

“It’s been interesting because I transitioned out of Williamson on Monday into Wilson on Tuesday,” said Wright. “The people here recognize the importance of that transition.”

She said she is spending time “trying to put faces and names together. I think that’s important to any move.”

In her first three days on the job, Wright said she has already had the opportunity to speak at a Wilson One meeting.

“I’m trying to make sure that any way I can have a platform about the school system, I use it. The school system is my favorite topic,” Wright said.

One of the first things Wright said she plans to do before school starts is have a meeting with the system’s principals.

“I want the opportunity to meet with all the principals as a group to share my vision to them as a group and give them an opportunity to see what I represent and to ask questions,” she said. “I want to know where they see their school in the scheme of things.”

She said that eventually she would like to be able to meet with teachers as well as administrators to discuss their thoughts.

“I’m one of those that it’s not stepping out by yourself; you hold hands and work together - that’s the beauty of it.”

She said her first week has been great and she is “so excited about being here in Wilson County.”

Most of all, she said she is looking forward to August 1.

“I’m still like a kid,” she said. “I still get excited about that first day of school. There’s nothing like that first day of school.”


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