Saturday Morning Quarterback

Will miracles continue for Auburn?
Dec 6, 2013


The family and I returned home from an afternoon at the movies and grocery shopping when the Earth, and BCS standings, spun off its axis in Alabama.

At the moment my wife and I were bringing in the milk, bred and over $100 of foodstuff when Chris Davis etched his name in the annals of college football in general and became an Auburn hero forever.

Davis returned a long Alabama field-goal miss 109 yards to give Auburn a dramatic victory, the SEC West Division championship, a berth in the SEC title game and create 180-degree mood swings across Jordan-Hare Stadium, the state of Alabama and the college football-loving nation.

Tuning into CBS literally seconds after Davis completed his run, I saw the ecstasy of Auburn Nation and the agony from the Crimson Tide – both sides in their own states of disbelief. This was like the Titans’ Music City Miracle, only with Buffalo Bills fans in attendance.

I wonder if the scene in Jordan-Hare is what the world will be like when Jesus Christ returns to Earth – half of the world rejoicing and the other half realizing too late that what the Bible says is true.

It’s been hard to be an Auburn fan the last couple of years. The following day in church I saw a guy proudly wearing an Auburn lapel pin and tie. I had almost forgotten he was a [Pat] Dye[d]-in-the-wool AU fan.

Auburn won a national championship just three years ago. Normally, its fans would still be basking in the dimming glow of that title. Tennessee fans could enjoy its 1998 championship well after that season since none of its surrounding rivals won a title of their own over the next few years.

But Auburn fans couldn’t celebrate their moment in the sun past the next season as their next-door [cubicle, pew, desk] Alabama neighbors watched their heroes take the next title to snatch bragging rights. When the Tide repeated last year, the only signs AU fans kept out were on their license plates since they put away everything else.

But 2013 has been a year of redemption for that team from the Friendliest Village on the Plains.

It became obvious early on the Tigers were much improved under first-year head coach Gus Malzahn.

But when they snagged a fourth-down deflection to beat Georgia few weeks ago, it became obvious this was their year. Then came the Davis return, which, unlike the Immaculate Deflection, doesn’t yet have a name that I have heard of yet.

Sometimes, it’s just meant to be. Question is, have the Tigers’ miracle moments peaked, or will they continue today with losses by either/or Ohio State and Florida State and an Auburn victory to catapult them back to the BCS championship game?

Then there is the future. When a team enjoys remarkable health or gets the breaks one season, it won’t be that way the next.

Unless this year’s miracles are the reward for last year’s misery.


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