Kurt Busch-Keselowski feud flares up just in time for Duck Commander 500

Busch angered Keselowski when they made contact on pit road.
Apr 1, 2014



Kurt Busch tried to hold his tongue Sunday after winning in Martinsville.

But finally, he couldn’t.

He was asked about Brad Keselowski, and he answered.

“That’s a punk move,” he said. “He will get what he gets back when I decide to give it back.”

Just in time for a race at Texas Motor Speedway.

Isn’t it always like that?

The track has another racing feud to play up in time for the Duck Commander 500 on Sunday, the seventh stop in the NASCAR Sprint Cup series.

Keselowski tweeted on Monday that he was “over it,” but track president and master promoter Eddie Gossage surely won’t let it go that easy. TMS has a talent for playing up rivalries — like Dan Wheldon and Danica Patrick, Carl Edwards and Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton.

Besides, it doesn’t sound like Busch is going to forget any time soon.

“I can’t believe he overreacted and he’s upset as he is,” Busch said.

Busch angered Keselowski when they made contact on pit road. Keselowski was slowed up by Kasey Kahne’s car, which was trying to get in its pit box, and as Keselowski tried to go around, he and Busch made contact.

The damage to Keselowski’s car was so bad, his crew had to tear off the entire front end, leaving Keselowski to race without fenders, side panels or a hood.

“The replay shows it. We jumbled up on pit road, and he just drove right through me and ruined our day,” Keselowski said. “We probably had a race-winning car, and it doesn’t matter. That’s just the way it goes.”

Keselowski found Busch on the track later and wheeled into him. Busch did not respond, got away and went on to win.

After the race, Keselowski was still mad.

“I’ll remember that when it’s Lap 50 and he needs a break and he’ll find his [car] turned around in the wall just like he tore my car up,” Keselowski said. “That stuff will come around. Once or twice when it happens, you go, ‘Oh, it happens.’ But when it happens repeatedly then you just realize who the person is that’s at fault, and you just have to make sure that you show them you’re not gonna take that.”

Keselowski and Busch are former teammates at Penske, and Keselowski has spoken about how much Busch helped him.

“He does awesome things for charity, and he’s probably the most talented race car driver. But he’s also the dumbest. So put those three together,” Keselowski said.

Busch said the accident on pit road wasn’t intentional.

“I steered right to go around Brad, and then he clobbers our left-side door, and it’s like, ‘OK, accidents happen on pit road — it’s congested.’ It’s not a place to race because of all the pit crew guys down there, and I didn’t think much of it,” Busch said. “And then once we were back out running, he targeted us. He was aiming for us. He tried to flatten all four of my tires.

“That’s a no-fly zone. That’s a punk move.”

For TMS, just in time.




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